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Zhong, Ming; Wu, Yilong; Ou, Weijie; Huang, Linjing;Yang, LiyongIdentification of key genes involved in type 2 diabetic islet dysfunction: a bioinformatics studyBIOSCIENCE REPORTSBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology2.5352.93939/10.1042/BSR20182172
Wang, Jichuang; Dong, HaiyanCo-delivery of sorafenib and metapristone encapsulated by CXCR4-targeted PLGA-PEG nanoparticles overcomes hepatocellular carcinoma resistance to sorafenibJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCHOncology5.6465.1438/10.1186/s13046-019-1216-x
Li, Mingjie;Wu, Yan'anlncRNA-CYTOR Works as an Oncogene Through the CYTOR/miR-3679-5p/MACC1 Axis in Colorectal CancerDNA AND CELL BIOLOGYBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology; Genetics & Heredity2.9182.677//10.1089/dna.2018.4548
Xing, Xiaohua; Yuan, Hui; Sun, Ying; Ke, Kun; Dong, Xiuqing; Chen, Hui; Liu, Xiaolong;Zhao, Bixing; Huang, AiminANXA2(TYr23) and FLNA(Ser2152) phosphorylation associate with poor prognosis in hepatic carcinoma revealed by quantitative phosphoproteomics analysisJOURNAL OF PROTEOMICSBiochemical Research Methods3.5373.559200/111-122
Yang, Jing; Weng, Lizhu; Chen, Zhikui; Cai, Hongfu; Lin, Xiaoyan; Hu, Zhijian; Li, Na; Lin, Bijuan; Zheng, Bin; Zhuang, Qian; Du, Bin; Zheng, Zhiyuan;Liu, MaobaiDevelopment and Testing of a Mobile App for Pain Management Among Cancer Patients Discharged From Hospital Treatment: Randomized Controlled TrialJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTHHealth Care Sciences & Services; Medical Informatics4.3015.157510.2196/12542
Sun, HongLncRNA Profile Study Reveals a Three-LncRNA Signature Associated With the Pathological Complete Response Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast CancerFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGYPharmacology & Pharmacy3.8454.46910/10.3389/fphar.2019.00574
Li, Yun; Yan, Xiaoli; Shi, Jiajian; He, Yun; Xu, Jie; Lin, Liying; Chen, Wannan;Lin, Xinjian; Lin, XuAberrantly expressed miR-188-5p promotes gastric cancer metastasis by activating Wnt/-catenin signalingBMC CANCEROncology2.9333.42419/10.1186/s12885-019-5731-0
Huang, Changming; Zheng, Chaohui; Li, Ping; Xie, Jianwei;Li, GuoxinEffect of Laparoscopic vs Open Distal Gastrectomy on 3-Year Disease-Free Survival in Patients With Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer The CLASS-01 Randomized Clinical TrialJAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONMedicine, General & Internal51.27346.312321201983-1992
Lin, Chen-Zhao;Qi, Bi-Ru; Hu, Jian-Su; Huang, Yu-Dian; Huang, Xiu-QiongChromosome 15q13 microduplication in a fetus with cardiac rhabdomyoma: a case reportMOLECULAR CYTOGENETICSGenetics & Heredity1.3311.4912/10.1186/s13039-019-0437-1
Qin, Danxia; Zhang, Han; Wang, Jiehua;Hong, ZhuquanHistamine H4 receptor gene polymorphisms: a potential contributor to Meniere diseaseBMC MEDICAL GENOMICSGenetics & Heredity2.5683.06212/10.1186/s12920-019-0533-4
Lin, Jian-Xian; Xie, Jian-Wei; Wang, Jia-bin;Li, Ping; Huang, Chang-Ming; Zheng, Chao-HuiAge-adjusted Charlson Comorbidity Index (ACCI) is a significant factor for predicting survival after radical gastrectomy in patients with gastric cancerBMC SURGERYSurgery1.7752.03419/10.1186/s12893-019-0513-9
Li, Jiong; Wei, Zuwu; Lin, Xinyi; Zheng, Dongye;Wu, Ming; Liu, Xiaolong; Liu, JingfengProgrammable Therapeutic Nanodevices with Circular Amplification of H2O2 in the Tumor Microenvironment for Synergistic Cancer TherapyADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALSEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, Biomaterials6.276.29581010.1002/adhm.201801627
Hu, Dan; Lin, Xiandong; Zhang, Hejun; Xia, Yan; Lin, Jinxiu; Zheng, Xiongwei; Peng, FengPrognostic Value of an Inflammation-Related Index in 6,865 Chinese Patients With Postoperative Digestive Tract Cancers: The FIESTA StudyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGYOncology4.137/9/10.3389/fonc.2019.00427
Luo, Liqun;Chen, LiepingDendritic cell-associated B7-H3 suppresses the production of autoantibodies and renal inflammation in a mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosusCELL DEATH & DISEASECell Biology5.9596.21110/10.1038/s41419-019-1623-0
Zhao, MiaoXPO1 inhibitor KPT-330 synergizes with Bcl-xL inhibitor to induce cancer cell apoptosis by perturbing rRNA processing and Mcl-1 protein synthesisCELL DEATH & DISEASECell Biology5.9596.21110/10.1038/s41419-019-1627-9
Xiong, Jiani; Zhang, Caiyun; Wu, Shuifa; Cai, Yumei; Xu, Chunseng; Chen, Zhou; Sun, Jiancheng; Wu, Xiangxin; You, Xiuhua;Xie, JiemingRecombinant cucurmosin-based immunotoxin targeting HER-2 with potent in vitro anti-cancer cytotoxicityBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONSBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biophysics2.7052.55513115-21
Zhuang, Wei; Li, Yining; Chen, Jiabi; Liu, WeihuiCopper nanocluster-labeled hybridization chain reaction for potentiometric immunoassay of matrix metalloproteinase-7 in acute kidney injury and renal cancerANALYTICAL METHODSChemistry, Analytical; Food Science & Technology; Spectroscopy2.3782.14511192597-2604
Zhou, Shuang;Zeng, Yiming;Wang, XiangdongValues of integration between lipidomics and clinical phenomes in patients with acute lung infection, pulmonary embolism, or acute exacerbation of chronic pulmonary diseases: a preliminary studyJOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINEMedicine, Research & Experimental4.0984.30117/10.1186/s12967-019-1898-z
Wang, Ying; Lin, Bing-wen;Lin, Jian-dongEffects of different ascorbic acid doses on the mortality of critically ill patients: a meta-analysisANNALS OF INTENSIVE CARECritical Care Medicine3.9314.3039/10.1186/s13613-019-0532-9
Hu, Zhongren; Hong, Shurong; Zhang, Yu; Dai, Huijing; Lin, Shuzhen; Yi, Tingyu;Zhuang, HongmeiDown-regulated WDR35 contributes to fetal anomaly via regulation of osteogenic differentiationGENEGenetics & Heredity2.6382.351697/48-56
Lu, Kunze; Liu, Minghao; Li, Rongrong; Ding, Lingling; Wang, RongCirculating microRNA-378 levels serve as a novel biomarker for assessing the severity of coronary stenosis in patients with coronary artery diseaseBIOSCIENCE REPORTSBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology2.5352.93939/10.1042/BSR20182016
Wu, San-GangLung Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma: An Analysis of Patients from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End-Results (SEER) DatabaseMEDICAL SCIENCE MONITORMedicine, Research & Experimental1.981.92325/3636-3646
Ke, Rui-sheng; Zhang, Kun; Lv, Li-zhi; Dong, Ya-ping; Yang, Fang;Cai, Qiu-cheng; Jiang, YiPrognostic value and oncogene function of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 overexpression in HBV-related hepatocellular carcinomaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULESBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, Applied; Polymer Science4.7844.731129//
Zhang, Zhenyang; Lin, Wenwei; Gao, Lei; Chen, Keqing; Yang, Chuangcai; Zhuang, Linwei; Peng, Shuai;Kang, Mingqiang; Lin, JiangboHsa_circ_0004370 promotes esophageal cancer progression through miR-1294/LASP1 pathwayBIOSCIENCE REPORTSBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology2.5352.93939/10.1042/BSR20182377
Ye, Mingfang; Zhang, Linlin; Yan, Yuanming;Lin, HuizhongPunicalagin protects H9c2 cardiomyocytes from doxorubicin-induced toxicity through activation of Nrf2/HO-1 signalingBIOSCIENCE REPORTSBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology2.5352.93939/10.1042/BSR20190229
Wang, Lei; Ke, Qiao; Lin, Nanping; Zeng, Yongyi;Liu, JingfengDoes postoperative adjuvant transarterial chemoembolization benefit for all patients with hepatocellular carcinoma combined with microvascular invasion: a meta-analysisSCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGYGastroenterology & Hepatology2.1522.374//10.1080/00365521.2019.1610794
Chen, Wei; Peng, HuapingProgramming a split G-quadruplex in a DNA nanocage and its microRNA imaging in live cellsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONSChemistry, Multidisciplinary6.1645.98955355131-5134
Zhuang, XuanEffective capture of circulating tumor cells from an S180-bearing mouse model using electrically charged magnetic nanoparticlesJOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGYBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology5.3455.81617/10.1186/s12951-019-0491-1
Lin, Xiuyun; Xiong, Jiani; Zhang, Qiong; Jiang, Pan; Lin, Shuchun; Lai, Haichun; Cheng, Niangmei; Xu, Yunlu; Fang, Shubin;Lin, JizhenCombined alpha-programmed death-1 monoclonal antibody blockade and fractionated radiation therapy reduces tumor growth in mouse EL4 lymphomaCANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPYOncology2.8793.239205666-679
Pan, Yu; Fei, Qinglin;Yang, Jianyang; Lin, Xianchao;Lu, Fengchun; Huang, HeguangSynergistic inhibition of pancreatic cancer with anti-PD-L1 and c-Myc inhibitor JQ1ONCOIMMUNOLOGYOncology; Immunology5.3335.9878510.1080/2162402X.2019.1581529
Rao, Mei; Chen, Dongfeng; Zhan, Peng;Jiang, JianqingMDA19, a novel CB2 agonist, inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma partly through inactivation of AKT signaling pathwayBIOLOGY DIRECTBiology3.013.33214/10.1186/s13062-019-0241-1
Cheng, Xiao-Zhi;Zhou, Hui-Liang; Tang, Song-Xi; Jiang, Tao; Chen, Qin; Gao, Rui; Ding, Yi-LangIntercellular transfer of P-glycoprotein mediates the formation of stable multi-drug resistance in human bladder cancer BIU-87 cellsBIOLOGY OPENBiology1.9622.178510.1242/bio.041889
Xu, Guobing;Chen, Chun; Zheng, Wei; Zhu, Yong; Chen, Hao; Cai, BingqiangApplication of the IQQA-3D imaging interpretation and analysis system in uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomy: a series studyJOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASERespiratory System2.0272.2331152058-2066
Huang, Xinghua; Liu, Yun; Yu, Xiurong; Huang, Qiuxiang; Lin, Chunli; Zeng, Jian; Lan, Fenghua;Wang, ZhihongThe clinical application of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for X-linked retinitis pigmentosaJOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICSGenetics & Heredity; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Reproductive Biology2.822.637365989-994
Ren, RendongPolysaccharides derived from natural sources regulate triglyceride and cholesterol metabolism: a review of the mechanismsFOOD & FUNCTIONBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Food Science & Technology3.2413.7091052330-2339
Huang, Xiaolan; She, Liping; Luo, Xiangmin; Huang, Shuzhen; Wu, JinxiangMiR-222 promotes the progression of polycystic ovary syndrome by targeting p27 Kip1PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICEPathology1.7941.6352155918-923
Pan, ChenLong-term efficacy and safety of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B: 5-year resultsHEPATOLOGY INTERNATIONALGastroenterology & Hepatology5.493.304133260-269
Lan, Ruilong; Huang, Fei; Zhong, Guangxian; Chen, Ruiqing; Wang, Zeng; Chen, Junying; Fu, Lengxi; Hong, Jinsheng; Zhang, LurongEffects of CKMT1 on radiosensitivity of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION BIOLOGYBiology; Nuclear Science & Technology; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging2.2661.943955597-606
Lu, Jun; Xu, Bin-bin; Zheng, Zhi-fang; Xie, Jian-wei; Wang, Jia-bin; Lin, Jian-xian; Chen, Qi-yue; Cao, Long-long; Lin, Mi; Tu, Ru-hong; Huang, Ze-ning;Zheng, Chao-hui; Huang, Chang-Ming; Li, PingCRP/prealbumin, a novel inflammatory index for predicting recurrence after radical resection in gastric cancer patients: post hoc analysis of a randomized phase III trialGASTRIC CANCEROncology; Gastroenterology & Hepatology5.5544.767223536-545
Lin, Tian-Lai; Chen, Wei-Wen; Ding, Zhi-Rong; Wei, Si-Can; Huang, Ming-Lian; Li, Cai-HuiCorrelations between serum amyloid A, C-reactive protein and clinical indices of patients with acutely exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseJOURNAL OF CLINICAL LABORATORY ANALYSISMedical Laboratory Technology1.7281.60433410.1002/jcla.22831
Qiu, Liyin;Pan, Mian; Zhang, Ronglian; Ren, KunhaiMaternal peripheral blood platelet-to-white blood cell ratio and platelet count as potential diagnostic markers of histological chorioamnionitis-related spontaneous preterm birthJOURNAL OF CLINICAL LABORATORY ANALYSISMedical Laboratory Technology1.7281.60433410.1002/jcla.22840
Yi, Xuehan; Ding, Chenyu; Xu, Hao; Huang, Tingfeng; Kang, Dezhi;Wang, DeshengThree-Dimensional Printed Models in Anatomy Education of the Ventricular System: A Randomized Controlled StudyWORLD NEUROSURGERYClinical Neurology; Surgery1.7232.135125/E891-E901
Cai, Zhiyu; Li, Yijun; Wang, Yanhuang; Chen, Shuai; Jiang, Shan; Ge, Huan; Lei, Lishan;Huang, XiaojingDisinfect Porphyromonas gingivalis Biofilm on Titanium Surface with Combined Application of Chlorhexidine and Antimicrobial Photodynamic TherapyPHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGYBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biophysics2.3382.179953839-845
Zhang, X. -B.; Yang, Y. -Y.;Zeng, Y.; Zeng, H. -Q.; Fu, B. -B.; Ko, C. -Y.; Du, Y. -P.; Chen, L. -D.; Lai, Y. -T.; Wu, Y.Anti-tumor effect of endostatin in a sleep-apnea mouse model with tumorCLINICAL & TRANSLATIONAL ONCOLOGYOncology2.4412.065215572-581
Chen, Ling; Liang, Jixing; Wen, Junping; Huang, Huibin; Li, Liantao; Lin, Wei; Zong, Liyao; Wang, Nengying; Cai, Liangchun; Tang, Kaka; Chen, Hongjie; Li, Meizhi; Lin, Lixiang;Chen, GangIs waist circumference a negative predictor of calcaneal bone mineral density in adult Chinese men with normal weight?ANNALS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINEOncology; Medicine, Research & Experimental3.689/7910.21037/atm.2019.04.71
Xu, Chun-wei; Zhuang, Wu; Chen, GangA Patient With Lung Adenocarcinoma With BRAF Gene Fusion and Response to VemurafenibCLINICAL LUNG CANCEROncology4.1173.461203E224-E228
Fu, XiangpingOsthole attenuates mouse atopic dermatitis by inhibiting thymic stromal lymphopoietin production from keratinocytesEXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGYDermatology2.8682.68285561-567
Zheng, Yanjie; Xu, Yichun;Li, You; Chen, Wei; Chen, Jinyuan; Lei, Yun; Lin, Liqing; Liu, Ailin;Lin, Xinhua; Weng, ShaohuangNanoporous gold electrode prepared from two-step square wave voltammetry (SWV) and its application for electrochemical DNA biosensing of lung resistance related protein (LRP) geneJOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRYChemistry, Analytical; Electrochemistry3.2183.032840/165-173
Du, Yan Ping; Li, Liu Xia; Wu, Fang Fang; Hong, Shao Qing; Tang, Fang Xuan; Ye, Zhang QiangComparing the effects and compliance between volume-assured and pressure support non-invasive ventilation in patients with chronic respiratory failureCLINICAL RESPIRATORY JOURNALRespiratory System
Tu, Ru-Hong; Lin, Jian-Xian; Li, Ping; Xie, Jian-Wei; Wang, Jia-Bin; Lu, Jun; Chen, Qi-Yue; Cao, Long-Long; Lin, Mi;Zheng, Chao-Hui;Huang, Chang-MingDoes Intra-Abdominal Infection after Curative Gastrectomy Affect Patients' Long-Term Prognosis? A Multi-Center Study Based on a Large Sample SizeSURGICAL INFECTIONSInfectious Diseases; Surgery1.9211.798204271-277
Chen HuiIntegrative Medicine on Optimizing Clopidogrel and Aspirin TherapyCHINESE JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINEIntegrative & Complementary Medicine1.4451.388255395-400
Zhao, Feng; Nie, Xiaojing; Huang, Jun; Yang, Yonghui; Yu, Zihua;Mutations in NUP160 Are Implicated in Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic SyndromeJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGYUrology & Nephrology8.5478.949305840-853
Peng, Huayi; Xu, JianhuaMitochondria and Nuclei Dual-Targeted Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Cancer Chemophotodynamic Synergistic TherapyMOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICSMedicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & Pharmacy4.3964.6791652235-2248
Huang, Linjing;Wu, PeiwenComparison of diabetic nephropathy between male and female eNOS(-/-) db/db miceAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-RENAL PHYSIOLOGYPhysiology; Urology & Nephrology3.3233.4873165F889-F897
Ling, Chaobin; Wu, Fujin; Zheng, Tongmei; Wang, Xiuchun; Chen, Yiwei;Wu, XiaominKaempferol attenuates retinal ganglion cell death by suppressing NLRP1/NLRP3 inflammasomes and caspase-8 via JNK and NF-kappa B pathways in acute glaucomaEYEOphthalmology2.3662.768335777-784
Lin, Hao; Ruan, Guan-Yu; Sun, Xiao-Qi; Chen, Xiao-Ying; Zheng, Xiu;Sun, Peng-MingEffects of RNAi-induced Skp2 inhibition on cell cycle, apoptosis and proliferation of endometrial carcinoma cellsEXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINEMedicine, Research & Experimental1.4481.4521753441-3450
Lin, Jianqing;Chen, Zhiyao; Huang, Zhijun; Chen, Feng; Ye, Zeyi; Lin, Shaoze; Wang, WeidongEffect of T-cadherin on the AKT/mTOR signaling pathway, gastric cancer cell cycle, migration and invasion, and its association with patient survival rateEXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINEMedicine, Research & Experimental1.4481.4521753607-3613
Li, Wenbo; Fang, Xinyu; Zhang, Chaofan; Xu, Yejun; Huang, Zida; Yu, Zibo;Zhang, WenmingComparison of efficacy and complications between two types of staging arthroplasty in treating chronic septic hip arthritis: A retrospective clinical studyEXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINEMedicine, Research & Experimental1.4481.4521754123-4131
Wu, ShanpengMulticentre comparative study of Z-shape elevating-pulling reduction and skull traction reduction for treatment of lower cervical locked facetsINTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICSOrthopedics2.3842.5234351255-1262
Wang, Zeng-chun; Chen, Qiang; Cao, Hua; Zhang, Gui-Can; Chen, Liang-wan; Yu, Ling-li; Luo, Zeng-rongFast-Track Cardiac Anesthesia for Transthoracic Device Closure of Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defects in Children: A Single Chinese Cardiac Center ExperienceJOURNAL OF CARDIOTHORACIC AND VASCULAR ANESTHESIAAnesthesiology; Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems; Respiratory System; Peripheral Vascular Disease1.8821.853351262-1266
Lin, Su; Zhang, Kai; Zhang, Junchao; Wang, Mingfang;Zhu, YueyongLong-term outcomes of patients with hepatitis B virus-related acute on chronic liver failure: An observational cohort studyLIVER INTERNATIONALGastroenterology & Hepatology5.5424.442395854-860
Zheng, Youshi; Liao, Naishun; Wu, Yuan; Gao, Ju; Li, Zhenli; Liu, Wenwen; Wang, Yingchao; Li, Ming; Li, Xiaolou; Chen, Li;Zhang, Wenmin; Zhao, BixingHigh expression of B7-H2 or B7-H3 is associated with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinomaMOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTSOncology; Medicine, Research & Experimental1.8511.9631954315-4325
Zhao, Zhen-Hua; Chen, Zhi-Ting;Zhou, Rui-Ling; Wang, Yin-ZhouA Chinese pedigree with a novel mutation in GJB1 gene and a rare variation in DHTKD1 gene for diverse Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseasesMOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTSOncology; Medicine, Research & Experimental1.8511.9631954484-4490
Liu, Fang;Yang, Libin; Liu, Jianyi; Zhao, Yijing; Xiao, Zebin; Zheng, Yingyan; Xing, Zhen; Zhang, Yuyang;Cao, DairongEvaluation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for spinal cord injury in rats with different treatment course using diffusion tensor imagingSPINAL CORDClinical Neurology; Rehabilitation1.8982.08575404-411
Zhang, Jiahui; Liang, Qirui; Li, Na; Guan, Qingzhou; He, Jun;Guo, ZhengIdentification of genes with universally upregulated or downregulated expressions in colorectal cancerJOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGYGastroenterology & Hepatology3.6323.424345880-889
Wang, Zhi-Yong; Chen, Jian-Min;Ni, Guo-XinEffect of an indwelling nasogastric tube on swallowing function in elderly post-stroke dysphagia patients with long-term nasal feedingBMC NEUROLOGYClinical Neurology2.2332.5719/10.1186/s12883-019-1314-6
Huang, Zhijian; Li, Qian; Ye, Weixiang;Zhang, Qiang;Li, XiuyanEfficacy and Safety of Ezetimibe in Combination with Atorvastatin for Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Accompanied with Type 2 Diabetes: A Single-Center, Non-randomized Cohort StudyCHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETINChemistry, Medicinal; Chemistry, Multidisciplinary; Pharmacology & Pharmacy1.4051.364675419-425
Deng, Hao-Hua; Lin, Xiu-Ling; He, Shao-Bin; Wu, Gang-Wei; Wu, Wei-Hua; Yang, Yu; Lin, Zhen;Peng, Hua-Ping;Chen, WeiColorimetric tyrosinase assay based on catechol inhibition of the oxidase-mimicking activity of chitosan-stabilized platinum nanoparticlesMICROCHIMICA ACTAChemistry, Analytical5.4795.076186510.1007/s00604-019-3451-4
Yuan, Shi-MinMyocardial Ischemia Presenting with HiccupsJCPSP-JOURNAL OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS PAKISTANMedicine, General & Internal0.4070.54295469-473
Jiang, Dandan; Kuang, Feng; Lai, Yiquan; Shan, Zhonggui;Chen, QuCertain aortic geometries and hemodynamics are associated with FID development and impact the evolution of uncomplicated type B intramural hematoma during the acute phaseJOURNAL OF CARDIAC SURGERYCardiac & Cardiovascular Systems; Surgery1.1791.147345337-347
Yang Jing; Zhang Xiu-Juan;Chen Zhi-Kui; Qian Qing-Fu; Xue En-Sheng; Lin Li-WuUltrasound-targeted microbubble destruction improved the antiangiogenic effect of Endostar in triple-negative breast carcinoma xenograftsJOURNAL OF CANCER RESEARCH AND CLINICAL ONCOLOGYOncology
Li, Mimi;Lin, Huasong; Chen, YafangAssociation of uric acid with stenosis of intracranial and extracranial arteries in elderly patients with cerebral infarctionNEUROLOGICAL SCIENCESClinical Neurology; Neurosciences2.4842.227405957-961
Wen, YuqingThe epidemiology and prognosis of patients with massive burns: A multicenter study of 2483 casesBURNSCritical Care Medicine; Dermatology; Surgery
Wang, Chengyong; Wu, Dong; Mao, Chuanqing; Lu, Meng; Cai, Zhiyu; Lai, Yongzhen;Chen, WeihuiThe preventive effect of decellularized pericardial patch against Frey's syndrome following the superficial parotidectomyJOURNAL OF CRANIO-MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERYDentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine; Surgery
Qiu, Yu; Li, Yanfen; Gao, Binju; Li, Jun; Pan, Lizhen; Ye, Zuo; Lin, Yang;Lin, LiSongTherapeutic efficacy of vacuum sealing drainage-assisted irrigation in patients with severe multiple-space infections in the oral, maxillofacial, and cervical regionsJOURNAL OF CRANIO-MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERYDentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine; Surgery1.9422.057475837-841
Lin, RongCombination of left atrial appendage closure and catheter ablation in a single procedure for patients with atrial fibrillation: Multicenter experienceJOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONMedicine, General & Internal
Li, Qiang; Zhang, Yuyang; Zhan, Liqiong; Han, Qiong; Wu, Maohou;Zhang, NanxinCorrelation Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Based Graft Maturity and Outcomes After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using International Knee Documentation Committee ScoreAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATIONRehabilitation; Sport Sciences1.9082.216985387-391
Hong, Guo-LinDiagnostic accuracy of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-to-platelet ratio for predicting hepatitis B-related fibrosis: a meta-analysisEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGYGastroenterology & Hepatology2.1982.165315599-606
Zhou, Fangye;Chen, Xianqian; Chen, Guoxian; Yan, Junhua; Xiao, YupengIdentification of SAA and ACTB as potential biomarker of patients with severe HFMD using iTRAQ quantitative proteomicsCLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRYMedical Laboratory Technology
Ren, Jinhua; Lin, Qiaoxian;Lin, Congmeng; Zhang, Yuxin; Chen, Cunrong; Chen, Shaozhen; Yuan, Xiaohong; Chen, Ping; Luo, Xiaofeng;Shen, Lvying; Guo, Mengxian; Chen, Qiuru; Xiao, Min; Chen, Yongquan; Wu, Xueqiong; Zeng, Yanling; Chen, Zhizhe; Ma, Xudong; Hu, Jianda;Yang, TingG-CSF-primed haplo-identical HSCT with intensive immunosuppressive and myelosuppressive treatments does not increase the risk of pre-engraftment bloodstream infection: a multicenter case<bold>-</bold>control studyEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASESInfectious Diseases; Microbiology
Zhou, Yongjian;Huang, Changming;Clinicopathological Outcomes and Prognosis of Elderly Patients (65Years) with Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GISTs) Undergoing Curative-Intent Resection: a Multicenter Data ReviewJOURNAL OF GASTROINTESTINAL SURGERYGastroenterology & Hepatology; Surgery2.6862.982235904-913
Sun, Yanwu; Zhang, Yiyi; Huang, Zhekun;Chi, PanPrognostic Implication of Negative Lymph Node Count in ypN plus Rectal Cancer after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy and Construction of a Prediction NomogramJOURNAL OF GASTROINTESTINAL SURGERYGastroenterology & Hepatology; Surgery2.6862.9822351006-1014
Song, Jihong; Guo, YinangWhat influences nursing safety event reporting among nursing interns?: Focus group studyNURSE EDUCATION TODAYEducation, Scientific Disciplines; Nursing2.4423.00176/200-205
Chen, W-H;Yi, T-Y;Wu, Y-M; Zhang, M-F; Lin, D-L; Lin, X-HParenchymal hyperdensity on C-arm CT images after endovascular therapy for acute ischaemic stroke predicts a poor prognosisCLINICAL RADIOLOGYRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging2.0822.162745399-404
Lin, Jian-Xian; Xie, Xin-Sheng; Weng, Xiong-Feng; Qiu, Sheng-Liang; Xie, Jian-Wei; Wang, Jia-Bin; Lu, Jun; Chen, Qi-Yue; Cao, Long-Long; Lin, Mi; Tu, Ru-Hong; Li, Ping;Huang, Chang-Ming; Zheng, Chao-HuiOverexpression of IC53d promotes the proliferation of gastric cancer cells by activating the AKT/GSK3 beta/cyclin D1 signaling pathwayONCOLOGY REPORTSOncology
Lin, Xiandong; Xia, Yan; Hu, Dan; Zhang, Hejun; Li, Chao; Chen, Gang;Zhu, Weifeng; Shi, Yi; Zhang, Huihao;Zheng, Xiongwei;Transcriptome-wide piRNA profiling in human gastric cancerONCOLOGY REPORTSOncology3.0412.8994153089-3099
Lin, Zhengyu;Chen, JianDevelopment of a prognostic score for recommended TACE candidates with hepatocellular carcinoma: A multicentre observational studyJOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGYGastroenterology & Hepatology
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