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1Lin, BiqinThe non-invasive echocardiographic assessment of right ventricular myocardial work in a healthy populationCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsACTA CARDIOLOGICA1.738

2Su, Xingfen;Wang, ZhichengHow I do it? Surgical removal of a corpus callosum arteriovenous malformation using a robotic digital microscopeClinical Neurology; SurgeryACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA2.816

3Wang, Xia-Li;Xu, Zi-Wei;Huang, Yan-Yan;Lyu, Guo-Rong;Lin, ShuDifferent subtypes of ultrasound-diagnosed adenomyosis and in vitro fertilization outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysisObstetrics & GynecologyACTA OBSTETRICIA ET GYNECOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA4.544

4Lin, JiajiaDevelop a Compact RNA Base Editor by Fusing ADAR with Engineered EcCas6eChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryADVANCED SCIENCE17.521

5Wang, Huaxiang;Yang, Chengkai;Lv, LizhiBioinformatics analysis and experimental validation of a novel autophagy-related signature relevant to immune infiltration for recurrence prediction after curative hepatectomyCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.9551572610-2630
6Huang, Kehua;Liu, Zhaozhen;Luo, Jinying;Yan, JianyingRandom Forest Model for Labor Induction in Pregnant Women With Hypertensive Disorders Using a Cervical Double BalloonIntegrative & Complementary MedicineALTERNATIVE THERAPIES IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE1.80429144-51
7Yang, Liang-Yong;Xu, Xiong-Wei;Lin, Yan;Liu, Wei-Qiang;Liu, Zhou-Jie;Chen, Jin-Yuan;Lin, Xin-Hua;Ye, Chen-Liu;Zhong, Guang-Xian;Xu, Yan-FangNucleic Acid Amplification by Template-Dominated Click Chemistry for Ultrasensitive DNA/RNA Detection on an Electrochemical Readout PlatformChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY8.00895125331-5339
8Luo, Yang;Liu, Gaohua;Hou, PeifengSynergism Effect of Dendrobine on Cisplatin in Treatment of H1299 by Modulating the Balance of Treg/Th17Oncology; Chemistry, MedicinalANTI-CANCER AGENTS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY2.527231105-112
9Zhou, Zixiong;Qi, Jing;Wu, Yajiao;Li, Chutao;Bao, Wenqiang;Lin, Xiaohuang;Zhu, AnNuciferine Effectively Protects Mice against Acetaminophen-Induced Liver InjuryBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, Medicinal; Food Science & TechnologyANTIOXIDANTS7.67512410.3390/antiox12040949
10Ping, Wu;Li, Zhang;Chen, Yupeng;Song, Fangling;Ren, Caihong;Shun, Hu;Sheng, Zhang;Xin, RaoEffect of Surface Decalcification With Hydrochloric Acid on the Determination of Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, Ki67, and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Expressions in Invasive Breast Carcinoma Based on Immunohistochemistry and Fluorescence In Situ HybridizationAnatomy & Morphology; Medical Laboratory Technology; PathologyAPPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY1.992314232-238
11Lin, CaoruiAutologous exosome facilitates load and target delivery of bioactive peptides to repair spinal cord injuryEngineering, Biomedical; Materials Science, BiomaterialsBIOACTIVE MATERIALS16.87425
12Wu, Qiaoling;Xia, Hongmei;Jiang, Shan;Sun, Yang;Cui, ZhaoleiThe extracellular secretion of miR-1825 wrapped by exosomes increases CLEC5A expression: A potential oncogenic mechanism in ovarian cancerBiologyBIOCELL1.114751039-1050
13Huang, Mingyao;Sun, KailvDendritic cell vaccines in breast cancer: Immune modulation and immunotherapyMedicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & PharmacyBIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY7.419162
14Zhang, TaoDifferentiation of subnucleus-sized oligomers and nucleation-competent assemblies of the A beta peptideBiophysicsBIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL3.6991222269-278
15Lin, Yonghua;Wei, Jianfeng;Chen, Zhichao;Wu, Min;Su, Linfeng;Zhang, BaoyanExpression of lncRNA DLX6-AS1 in patients with hepatic carcinoma and its prognostic valueBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Genetics & HeredityBIOTECHNOLOGY AND GENETIC ENGINEERING REVIEWS#N/A

16Gu, HongbinMedian effective dose of esketamine for intranasal premedication in children with congenital heart diseaseAnesthesiologyBMC ANESTHESIOLOGY2.37623110.1186/s12871-023-02077-1
17Yan, Zhi-rong;Zhang, Su-jing;Zhang, Long-xin;Lu, Huan;Zhang, Li;Liu, Ming;Zhou, Min;Chen, Li-juan;Lin, Li-huaThe transversus abdominis plane block in conjunction with intrathecal morphine use after cesarean section in women with severe pre-eclampsia: a randomized controlled trialAnesthesiologyBMC ANESTHESIOLOGY2.37623110.1186/s12871-023-02061-9
18Gao, XilinSingle-nucleus gene and gene set expression-based similarity network fusion identifies autism molecular subtypesBiochemical Research Methods; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Mathematical & Computational BiologyBMC BIOINFORMATICS3.30724110.1186/s12859-023-05278-0
19Zhang, Wenzhe;Chen, Xiaobin;Chen, Lili;Chen, Minyan;Guo, Wenhui;Lin, Yuxiang;Yu, Liuwen;Hou, Jialin;Li, Yan;Li, Shengmei;Jin, Xuan;Cai, Weifeng;Zhang, Kun;Nie, Qian;Chen, Hanxi;Li, Jing;He, Peng;Cai, Qindong;Qiu, Yibin;Wang, Chuan;Fu, Fangmeng;Zeng, Bangwei;Lin, SongpingHigh leukocyte mitochondrial DNA copy number contributes to poor prognosis in breast cancer patientsOncologyBMC CANCER4.63823110.1186/s12885-023-10838-x
20Zhang, Juwei;Lin, Zheng;Zhou, Jinsong;Huang, Yue;Chen, Siting;Deng, Yuan;Hu, Zhijian;Qiu, Minglian;Chen, YuanmeiEffects of preoperative albumin-to-globulin ratio on overall survival and quality of life in esophageal cell squamous carcinoma patients: a prospective cohort studyOncologyBMC CANCER4.63823110.1186/s12885-023-10809-2
21Lin, Cheng;Chen, Yuebing;Lu, Qiongjiao;Ji, Pengjie;Lin, Shuiqin;Liu, Chunfeng;Lin, Shaojun;Zong, Jingfeng;Pan, Jianji;Li, MeifangIdentification of an individualized therapy prognostic signature for head and neck squamous cell carcinomaBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Genetics & HeredityBMC GENOMICS4.54724110.1186/s12864-023-09325-1
22Fu, De-Qiang;Que, Yu-Hui;Hong, Yu;Huang, Yin-Qiong;Lin, Jian-QingFactors affecting the scientific research ability and the corresponding countermeasures in clinical postgraduatesEducation & Educational Research; Education, Scientific DisciplinesBMC MEDICAL EDUCATION3.26323110.1186/s12909-023-04261-w
23Lai, Li;Liu, Li;Wang, Yaochen;Liu, Shanlong;Zhang, Jiancheng;Zheng, XiaochunQR code technology in individual identification training provides an introduction in hands-on forensic DNA genotyping to medical studentsEducation & Educational Research; Education, Scientific DisciplinesBMC MEDICAL EDUCATION3.26323110.1186/s12909-023-04284-3
24Wu, Qing;Xie, Xianhe;Zheng, Shiyao;Lin, NanComprehensive research into prognostic and immune signatures of transcription factor family in breast cancerGenetics & HeredityBMC MEDICAL GENOMICS3.62216110.1186/s12920-023-01521-y
25Guo, Danhua;He, Shuqiong;Lin, Na;Dai, Yifang;Li, Ying;Xu, Liangpu;Wu, XiaoqingGenetic disorders and pregnancy outcomes of non-immune hydrops fetalis in a tertiary referral centerGenetics & HeredityBMC MEDICAL GENOMICS3.62216110.1186/s12920-023-01505-y
26Lin, TianlaiA dosing strategy model of deep deterministic policy gradient algorithm for sepsis patientsMedical InformaticsBMC MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND DECISION MAKING3.29823110.1186/s12911-023-02175-7
27He, YifuSafety and efficacy of apatinib in patients with advanced gastric or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma after the failure of two or more lines of chemotherapy (AHEAD): a prospective, single-arm, multicenter, phase IV studyMedicine, General & InternalBMC MEDICINE11.1521110.1186/s12916-023-02841-7
28Xie, Zhiqiang;Huang, Jiangqing;Zhang, Shengcen;Xu, BinBin;Zhang, Qianwen;Li, BinGenomic and functional characterization of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae from hospital wastewaterMicrobiologyBMC MICROBIOLOGY4.46523110.1186/s12866-023-02862-5
29Lin, Bei;Lu, Zhiming;Xie, Shiwei;Feng, Eryou;Chen, JinhuaThe compared study about femoral stem malalignment with or without the special curved rasp during DAA total hip arthroplastyOrthopedics; RheumatologyBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS2.56224110.1186/s12891-023-06409-7
30Zeng, Jing;Guo, Sheng-Bin;Zheng, Qing-Xiang;Liu, Xiu-Wu;Lin, Hui-Ming;Hu, An-FenThe mediating effect of psychological empowerment on the relationship between work environment and clinical decision-making among midwives: a multicentre cross-sectional studyNursingBMC NURSING3.18922110.1186/s12912-023-01282-0
31Yu, Lianghong;Zhao, Mingpei;Lin, Yuanxiang;Zeng, Jiateng;He, Qiu;Zheng, Yan;Lin, Fuxin;Kang, Dezhi;Ma, KeNoncontrast Computed Tomography Markers Associated with Hematoma Expansion: Analysis of a Multicenter Retrospective StudyNeurosciencesBRAIN SCIENCES3.33313410.3390/brainsci13040608
32Zheng, Yu-Hong;Lin, Jin-Piao;Gao, Shi-HuaThe Role of Surveillance Inspections in Reducing False-Positives of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variants during the COVID-19 EpidemicInfectious Diseases; MicrobiologyCANADIAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES & MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY2.5852023
33Yan, ChangjianHigh trophinin-associated protein expression predicts good survival in acute myeloid leukemia with normal cytogeneticsOncologyCANCER BIOMARKERS3.828363221-230
34Zheng, HonghongIdentification of optimal primary tumor resection candidates for metastatic gastric cancer: Nomograms based on propensity score matchingOncologyCANCER MEDICINE4.711

35Lin, Guang-Tan;Liu, Zhi-Yu;Shang-Guan, Zhi-Xin;Lin, Jian-Xian;Chen, Qi-Yue;Xie, Jian-Wei;Li, Ping;Huang, Chang-Ming;Zheng, Chao-Hui;Zeng, Gui-RongComparison of the efficacy between immunochemotherapy and chemotherapy in gastric cancer accompanied with synchronous liver metastases: A real-world retrospective studyOncologyCANCER MEDICINE4.711

36Li, HongxiangMultimodal Data Integration to Predict Severe Acute Oral Mucositis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients Following Radiation TherapyOncologyCANCERS6.57515710.3390/cancers15072032
37Xu, YiExtracellular Vesicles Act as Carriers for Cargo Delivery and Regulate Wnt Signaling in the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tumor MicroenvironmentOncologyCANCERS6.57515710.3390/cancers15072088
38Xu, Yiquan;Pan, Junfan;Lin, Ying;Wu, Yun;Chen, Yusheng;Li, HongruCeramide Synthase 1 Inhibits Brain Metastasis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by Interacting with USP14 and Downregulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling PathwayOncologyCANCERS6.57515710.3390/cancers15071994
39Wang, Shengnan;Cai, Yinlian;Bu, Rongsheng;Wang, Yaoguo;Wu, ChunchunPPAR gamma Regulates Macrophage Polarization by Inhibiting the JAK/STAT Pathway and Attenuates Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury In VivoBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biophysics; Cell BiologyCELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS2.989

40Wang, LinpeiUSP33 enhances cell survival and stemness by deubiquitinating CTNNB1 in BXPC-3 and SW1990 cellsCell BiologyCELL BIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL4.473

41Chen, Ai;Gao, Gufeng;Lian, Guili;Gong, Jin;Luo, Li;Liu, Junping;Xie, Liangdi;Chen, Weixiao;Xu, Changsheng;Wang, HuajunZinc promotes cell proliferation via regulating metal-regulatory transcription factor 1 expression and transcriptional activity in pulmonary arterial hypertensionCell BiologyCELL CYCLE5.173

42Lin, Chengjie;Wang, Yan;Lai, Shihui;Huang, Yue;Guo, Zhenyun;Zhang, Xiang;Weng, Shangeng;Li, TingMETTL3 enhances pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma progression and gemcitabine resistance through modifying DDX23 mRNA N6 adenosine methylationCell BiologyCELL DEATH & DISEASE9.68514310.1038/s41419-023-05715-1
43Fang, Guanhua;Liao, Dongshan;Shen, YanmingENPP2 alleviates hypoxia/reoxygenation injury and ferroptosis by regulating oxidative stress and mitochondrial function in human cardiac microvascular endothelial cellsCell BiologyCELL STRESS & CHAPERONES3.827

44Chen, JingboThree-dimensional flexible SERS substrate based on bacterial cellulose membrane for detection of glutathione in serumMaterials Science, Paper & Wood; Materials Science, Textiles; Polymer ScienceCELLULOSE6.123

45Liu, TaoGreater prefrontal activation during sitting toe tapping predicts severer freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease: an fNIRS studyNeurosciencesCEREBRAL CORTEX4.861334959-968
46Qiu, WeihongShort-term effects of ambient ozone exposure on daily hospitalizations for circulatory diseases in Ganzhou, China: A time-series studyEnvironmental SciencesCHEMOSPHERE8.943327
47Zhu, Yibing;Liu, Zhaozhen;Miao, Chong;Wang, Xiaomei;Liu, Wenjuan;Chen, Shali;Gao, Haiyan;Li, Wei;Wu, Zhengqin;Cao, Hua;Li, HaiboTrajectories of maternal D-dimer are associated with the risk of developing adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes: A prospective birth cohort studyMedical Laboratory TechnologyCLINICA CHIMICA ACTA6.314543
48Lin, Qin;Huang, Chunyan;Chen, Wei;Chen, Xiaoqiang;Yi, Xuehan;Wang, Desheng;Li, ChenTransoral CO2 laser-modified posterior cordotomy combined with plasma ablation subtotal arytenoidectomy for bilateral vocal fold paralysis: A retrospective studyOtorhinolaryngologyCLINICAL OTOLARYNGOLOGY2.729

49Lin, Yanjuan;Liang, Ting;Peng, Yanchun;Li, Sailan;Huang, Xizhen;Chen, LiangwanEarly goal-directed mobilization in patients with acute type A aortic dissection: A randomized controlled trialRehabilitationCLINICAL REHABILITATION2.884

50Wu, Jingjing;Zhang, Dongmei;Zhao, Meijing;Zheng, XiaoweiGut Microbiota Dysbiosis and Increased NLRP3 Levels in Patients with Pregnancy-Induced HypertensionMicrobiologyCURRENT MICROBIOLOGY2.34380510.1007/s00284-023-03252-w
51Lin, Xite;Jiang, Tingting;Ma, Jincheng;Huang, Lixiang;Huang, Leyi;Lei, Huifang;Tong, Yao;Huang, Guanxiang;Mao, Xiaodan;Sun, Pengming;Chen, ChunxiaMetabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD) Is Associated with Cervical Stromal Involvement in Endometrial Cancer Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study in South ChinaOncologyCURRENT ONCOLOGY3.1093043787-3799
52Lin, Limei;Zhang, YinChemical Constituents and Antidiabetic Activity of Dichloromethane Extract from Ficus carica LeavesEndocrinology & MetabolismDIABETES METABOLIC SYNDROME AND OBESITY-TARGETS AND THERAPY3.24916
53Xu, Yiping;Chen, Yili;Yao, Mengxia;You, Yisheng;Nie, Bin;Zeng, Meina;Jiang, HuiMicroRNA-146a Improved Acute Lung Injury Induced by hepatic Ischemia-reperfusion Injury by Inhibiting PRDX1Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging; ToxicologyDOSE-RESPONSE2.62321210.1177/15593258231169805
54Li, YuyangComprehensive characterization of HER2-low breast cancers: implications in prognosis and treatmentMedicine, General & Internal; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalEBIOMEDICINE11.20591
55Wang, Junxiang;Weng, Yali;Li, Yinhan;Zhang, Yu;Zhou, Jinfu;Tang, Jianping;Lin, Xinpei;Guo, Zhenkun;Zheng, Fuli;Yu, Guangxia;Shao, Wenya;Hu, Hong;Li, Huangyuan;Wu, Siying;Cai, PingThe interplay between lncRNA NR_030777 and SF3B3 in neuronal damage caused by paraquatEnvironmental Sciences; ToxicologyECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY7.129255
56Wu, Di-Hang;Liao, Cheng-Yu;Wang, Dan-Feng;Huang, Long;Lin, Tian-Sheng;Lai, Jian-Lin;Zhou, Song-Qiang;Qiu, Fu-Nan;Wang, Yao-Dong;Zheng, Xiao-Chun;Tian, Yi-Feng;Chen, Shi;Li, Ge;Chen, Jiang-Zhi;Chen, Yan-Ling;Wang, Liang;Zhang, Zhi-BoTextbook outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma patients with sarcopenia: A multicenter analysisOncology; SurgeryEJSO4.037494802-810
57Lei, Qinliang;Chen, Pinhua;He, Xueyi;Xu, Zhixian;He, WubingPreoperative CT parameters to predict tibiofibular syndesmosis injury associated with ankle fracture: a propensity score-matched analysisEmergency MedicineEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRAUMA AND EMERGENCY SURGERY2.374

58Liu, J.;Yang, Z. -L.;Zheng, J. -H.;Zheng, X. -L.;Wei, X. -J.;Liao, X. -Y.;Wu, L. -H.;Zheng, Y. -P.;Hu, Y. -Q.Risk factors of common bile duct stones recurrence and nomogram for predicting recurrence after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a dual-center retrospective cohort studyPharmacology & PharmacyEUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES3.7842762504-2513
59Lin, Guang-XunComparison of full-endoscopic and tubular-based microscopic decompression in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: a randomized controlled trialClinical Neurology; OrthopedicsEUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL2.721

60Chen, Shaogeng;Lin, Xianzuan;He, Rongqi;Zhang, Wanfei;Xu, Rongyu;Kang, MingqiangPHLDA3 activated by BARX2 transcription, suppresses the malignant development of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by downregulating PI3K/AKT levelsOncology; Cell BiologyEXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH4.145426210.1016/j.yexcr.2023.113567
61Chen, Yi;Liu, Xiaoling;Huang, Liyun;Chen, Lihong;Wang, BinClinicopathological, etiological and molecular characteristics of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma subtypes classified by mucin production and immunohistochemical featuresPathologyEXPERT REVIEW OF MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS5.67

62Cai, HongfuEconomic evaluation of toripalimab plus chemotherapy compared with chemotherapy as first-line treatment for advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in ChinaHealth Care Sciences & Services; Health Policy & Services; Pharmacology & PharmacyEXPERT REVIEW OF PHARMACOECONOMICS & OUTCOMES RESEARCH2.039

63Ni, Li;Chen, YoutingThe protective effects of Levilactobacillus brevis FZU0713 on lipid metabolism and intestinal microbiota in hyperlipidemic ratsFood Science & Technology; Nutrition & DieteticsFOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN WELLNESS8.0221251646-1659
64Wang, Xuezhen;Li, Xiaoxia;Wu, Yufan;Hong, Jinsheng;Zhang, Mingwei;Chai, DajunRisk of cardiac-related death in astrocytoma patients treated with chemotherapy: A competing risk analysis using the SEER databaseCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsFRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE5.84610
65Li, Sailan;Liao, Xiaoqin;Yan, Xin;Chen, Liangwan;Peng, Yanchun;Zhang, Haoruo;Lin, YanjuanThe occurrence of early atrial fibrillation after cardiac valve operation and the establishment of a nomogram modelCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsFRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE5.84610
66Wei, Jinbao;Zheng, Huanrui;Yan, JianyingInvolvement of oxytocin receptor deficiency in psychiatric disorders and behavioral abnormalitiesNeurosciencesFRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE6.14717
67Basnet, Til Bahadur;Du, Shanshan;Feng, Ruimei;Gao, Jie;Gong, Jiamin;Ye, WeiminFatty liver mediates the association of hyperuricemia with prediabetes and diabetes: a weighting-based mediation analysisEndocrinology & MetabolismFRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY6.05514
68Lin, Yingying;Ou, Ping;Chen, Zhiwei;Xiu, Xiaoyan;Fang, Jiaoning;Qian, Qinfang;Wang, Yanxia;Li, GuoboEffects of paternal obesity on maternal-neonatal outcomes and long-term prognosis in adolescentsEndocrinology & MetabolismFRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY6.05514
69Wang, XuEmerging role of substance and energy metabolism associated with neuroendocrine regulation in tumor cellsEndocrinology & MetabolismFRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY6.05514
70Lin, Lizhen;Chen, Fengbin;Ye, Keng;Xie, Jingzhi;Chen, Zhimin;Xu, YanfangIdentification of new immune subtypes of renal injury associated with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis based on integrated bioinformatics analysisGenetics & HeredityFRONTIERS IN GENETICS4.77214
71Lai, YongxingCombination of machine learning-based bulk and single-cell genomics reveals necroptosis-related molecular subtypes and immunological features in autism spectrum disorderImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY8.78614
72Huang, DanxiaAnti-amphiphysin encephalitis: Expanding the clinical spectrumImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY8.78614
73Chen, Xiaochuan;Ding, Qin;Lin, Ting;Huang, Zongwei;Li, Ying;Hong, Wenquan;Chen, Xin;Qiu, Sufang;Sun, Yingming;Wang, DeshengAn immune-related prognostic model predicts neoplasm-immunity interactions for metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinomaImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY8.78614
74Wu, Zhe;Lai, Jinqing;Yao, Jieran;Zeng, Yile;Lin, Weibin;Chen, Junyan;Xu, Chaoyang;Chen, XiangrongLDC7559 inhibits microglial activation and GSDMD-dependent pyroptosis after subarachnoid hemorrhageImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY8.78614
75Xu, YiLiver fibrosis and MAFLD: the exploration of multi-drug combination therapy strategiesMedicine, General & InternalFRONTIERS IN MEDICINE5.05810
76Xiao, NaianAutomatic interictal epileptiform discharge (IED) detection based on convolutional neural network (CNN)Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyFRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES6.11310
77Yang, Zhe-Lun;Liang, Ze-Yan;Lin, Yi-Ke;Lin, Fa-Bin;Rao, Jian;Xu, Xiong-Jie;Wang, Chun-Hua;Chen, Chun-MeiEfficacy of extracellular vesicles of different cell origins in traumatic brain injury: A systematic review and network meta-analysisNeurosciencesFRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE5.15217
78Lin, Jia-Hui;Chen, Xu-Hui;Cao, Yun-Bin;Chen, Hua-Jun;Huang, Nao-XinAltered isotropic volume fraction in gray matter after sleep deprivation and its association with visuospatial memory: A neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging studyNeurosciencesFRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE5.15217
79Lin, Yucheng;Chen, Zheng;Yang, Jianchuan;Chen, Sheng;Wu, Songsong;Lin, Ying;Xie, YingAdvanced diffuse hepatic angiosarcoma treated successfully with TACE and targeted immunotherapy: A case reportOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
80Lei, Yihui;Shao, Qiming;Chen, Weiping;Liu, GuoyanAcute inflammatory reaction during anti-angiogenesis therapy combined with immunotherapy as a possible indicator of the therapeutic effect: Three case reports and literature reviewOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
81Yang, Chengkai;Wang, HuaxiangPre- to postoperative alpha-fetoprotein ratio-based nomogram to predict tumor recurrence in patients with hepatocellular carcinomaOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
82Lin, Yu;Zheng, Binglin;Chen, Junqiang;Huang, Qiuyuan;Ye, Yuling;Chen, Bijuan;Xu, Yuanji;Yang, Yong;Chen, Yuanmei;You, MengxingDevelopment of a prognostic nomogram and risk stratification system for upper thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinomaOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
83Zhou, Yuhang;Wang, Chuandong;Lin, Xiaojun;Tan, Song;Chen, Weijie;Mi, Yulong;Yang, Changshun;Lin, Shengtao;Li, Weihua;Zhou, Yuchen;Ye, RongIntraoperative and postoperative short-term outcomes of intracorporeal anastomosis versus extracorporeal anastomosis in laparoscopic right hemicolectomyOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
84Zhang, Yulong;Li, Xiaowen;Li, Zhelong;You, Qianru;Yi, Huan;Su, Yanzhao;Zheng, Xiangqin;Li, Haibo;Chen, Yusha;Chen, JiancuiAssociations of human papillomavirus genotypes and cervical vascular abnormality in a cohort of women underwent colposcopy, a retrospective study of 6716 patientsOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
85Lin, Yuxiang;Fu, Fangmeng;Xiao, Han;Jiang, MeichenComprehensive proteome, phosphoproteome and kinome characterization of luminal A breast cancerOncologyFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY5.73813
86Wang, Yingge;Lin, Wei;Huang, Min;Xu, Yuanteng;Chen, GuohaoInflammatory markers in children with obstructive sleep apnea syndromePediatricsFRONTIERS IN PEDIATRICS3.56911
87Lin, Zhixiong;Zeng, Huiping;Cai, Shujie;Chen, Fei;Wang, Xiang;Wu, Dianming;Liu, Mingkun;Fang, YifanEffects of rhubarb peony decoction combined with antibiotics in treating pediatric periappendiceal abscessPediatricsFRONTIERS IN PEDIATRICS3.56911
88Li, Yuyang;Chen, LinyingChlorophenyl thiophene silicon phthalocyanine: Synthesis, two-photon bioimaging-guided lysosome target, and in vitro photodynamic efficacyPharmacology & PharmacyFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY5.98814
89Tong, Yan;Huang, Jian Qing;Chen, Yang;Tu, Mei;Wang, WeiImpact of glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist liraglutide and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor sitagliptin on bowel cleaning and gastrointestinal symptoms in type 2 diabetesPharmacology & PharmacyFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY5.98814
90Wang, Na;Liu, Fengqiong;Chen, Yujia;Chen, Fa;He, Baochang;Gao, Bingju;Qiu, Yu;Lin, Lisong;Shi, Bin;Xie, ManlingThe role of rare earth elements and dietary intake in tongue cancer: a mediation analysis in southeast ChinaPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthFRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH6.46111
91Darku, Edward DelaliSociodemographic characteristics and reproductive health factors associated with maternal knowledge and practice of infection prevention in neonates in North Dayi District, GhanaPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthFRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH6.46111
92Zhang, Zitong;Chen, Yifeng;Li, Qingyu;Yang, Yan;Chen, Jiake;Lin, Yan;Xiao, Zhihong;Wu, Chuancheng;Liu, Baoying;Xu, Rongxian;Xiang, JianjunEpidemiological characteristics of overseas imported COVID-19 cases into China: A scoping literature reviewPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthFRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH6.46111
93Sun, Xinghui;Dai, Tianzeng;Xu, LihuiTransurethral resection of bladder tumor-based bladder preservation therapy for refractory high risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: Current landscape and future directionsSurgeryFRONTIERS IN SURGERY2.56810
94Yang, Yuanfeng;Ding, Feng;Xu, Tianbao;Pan, Zhen;Zhuang, Jinfu;Liu, Xing;Guan, GuoxianDouble-stapled anastomosis without dog-ears reduces the anastomotic leakage in laparoscopic anterior resection of rectal cancer: A prospective, randomized, controlled studySurgeryFRONTIERS IN SURGERY2.5689
95Du, Jingyun;Huang, Shan;Wu, Minjing;Chen, Shuai;Zhou, Wen;Huang, XiaojingDlt operon regulates physiological function and cariogenic virulence in Streptococcus mutansMicrobiologyFUTURE MICROBIOLOGY3.553

96Wang, Yangbin;He, Xiaoyu;Chen, Shupeng;Weng, Yiyong;Liu, Zhihua;Pan, Qunlong;Zhang, Rongmou;Li, Yizhong;Wang, Hanshi;Yu, Haiming;Lin, ShuAnnulus Fibrosus Repair for Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Meta-Analysis of Clinical Outcomes From Controlled StudiesClinical Neurology; OrthopedicsGLOBAL SPINE JOURNAL2.23

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