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1Wang, Ruo-li;Lin, Fang-fang;Ruan, Dan-dan;Li, Shi-jie;Zhou, Yan-feng;Luo, Jie-wei;Fang, Zhu-ting;Tang, YiA correlation study between prostate necrosis rate calculated by 3D Slicer software and clinical efficacy of prostatic artery embolization, along with an analysis of predictors of clinical success after prostatic artery embolizationRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY2.4

2Fang, Ruqi;Lin, Na;Cao, DairongMultiparametric MRI radiomics improves preoperative diagnostic performance for local staging in patients with endometrial cancerRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY2.4

3Ge, KeMultivalent DNA Flowers for High-Performance Isolation, Detection, and Release of Tumor-Derived Extracellular VesiclesNanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES9.5154855358-55368
4Chen, XiaofangChaotropic Effect-Induced Self-Assembly of the Malachite Green and Boron Cluster for Toxicity Regulation and Photothermal TherapyNanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES9.5154855486-55494
5Huang, Chunhui;Zou, Kaiwei;Tang, Kai;Wu, Yiqi;Wang, YizhangEsculetin Alleviates IL-1β-Evoked Nucleus Pulposus Cell Death, Extracellular Matrix Remodeling, and Inflammation by Activating Nrf2/HO-1/NF-kbChemistry, MultidisciplinaryACS OMEGA4.191817-827
6Jiang, Hui-Qiong;Lu, Lin-Yan;Weng, Zhi-Min;Huang, Kai-Yuan;Yang, Yu;Deng, Hao-Hua;Chen, Wei;Xu, Ying-Ying;Zhuang, Quan-Quan6-Aza-2-Thiothymine-Capped Gold Nanoclusters as Robust Antimicrobial Nanoagents for Eradicating Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli InfectionChemistry, MultidisciplinaryACS OMEGA4.184947123-47133
7Pan, Lili;Liu, TingboPrognostic value of serum albumin level in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphomaBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyACTA BIOCHIMICA POLONICA1.7

8Xie, ShaohuaUse of 5α-reductase inhibitors and survival of oesophageal and gastric cancer in a nationwide Swedish cohort studyOncologyACTA ONCOLOGICA3.1625438-443
9Chen, Sunhui;Zheng, ShihaoAn injectable signal-amplifying device elicits a specific immune response against malignant glioblastomaPharmacology & PharmacyACTA PHARMACEUTICA SINICA B14.513125091-5106
10Li, Shu-jieAutoimmune diseases: targets, biology, and drug discoveryChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Pharmacology & PharmacyACTA PHARMACOLOGICA SINICA8.2

11Guo, BaolingStrong and Tough Biofibers Designed by Dual Crosslinking for SuturesChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Chemistry, Physical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Applied; Physics, Condensed MatterADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS19

12Xie, JiangaoDual-Responsive Turn-On T1 Imaging-Guided Mild Photothermia for Precise Apoptotic Cancer TherapyEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10

13Feng, Xianquan;Liu, Zhihong;Zhou, Xin;Qi, Yang;Chen, Zhenzhen;Zeng, Lingjun;Zheng, Changqing;Hu, Xiaomu;Song, Hongtao;Lin, Wanjing;Zhang, Qian;Zhang, JialiangDrug Self-Delivery Nanocubes Enhance O2-Economized Photodynamic-Immunotherapy of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer by Downregulating Wnt/β -catenin SignalingEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10121910.1002/adhm.202203019
14Li, JingyiA Review of Advanced Abdominal Wall Hernia Patch MaterialsEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10

15Cao, Yanbing;Zhang, Yuting;Zhong, Aoxue;Zhang, Cao;Wei, Zuwu;Liu, Xiaolong;Wu, MingOptimal Irreversible Electroporation Combined with Nano-Enabled Immunomodulatory to Boost Systemic Antitumor ImmunityEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10

16Chen, ShengTargeting Nanomotor with Near-Infrared/Ultrasound Triggered-Transformation for Polystage-Propelled Cascade Thrombolysis and Multimodal Imaging DiagnosisEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10

17Zhang, Yiping;Zhang, Jieping;Wang, Guoyu;Liu, Daojia;Chen, JunqiangActivatable Nanoprobes for Dual-Modal NIR-II Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Imaging of Hydrogen Sulfide in Colon CancerMaterials Science, Multidisciplinary; OpticsADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS9

18Ye, YuanchunSenolytics prevent caveolar CaV3.2-RyR axis malfunction in old vascular smooth muscleCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING CELL7.8

19Xie, Long;Huang, Liqun;Zhang, Guanjie;Su, YingruiInhibition of keloid by 32P isotope radiotherapy through suppressing TGF-β/Smad signaling pathwayCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.2152111985-11993
20Xu, Jing;Xiong, HongpingThe novel GLP-1/GIP dual agonist DA3-CH improves rat type 2 diabetes through activating AMPK/ACC signaling pathwayCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.2152011152-11161
21Zhang, Yiping;Wang, Liyan;Chen, Juhui;Lin, Zhizhong;Chen, Junqiang;Lin, Yu;Xu, Yuanji;Chen, Yuanmei;Peng, HaiyanIdentification and validation of a prognostic signature of cuproptosis-related genes for esophageal squamous cell carcinomaCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.215178993-9021
22Zheng, FengVertically well-aligned ZnO nanorods based biosensor for determination of paeoniflorin as an antidepressant medicineEngineering, MultidisciplinaryALEXANDRIA ENGINEERING JOURNAL6.886
23Kang, Na-Ling;Wu, Lu-Ying;Zheng, Qi;Liu, Yu-Rui;Jiang, Jia-Ji;Zeng, Da-Wu;Yu, Xue-Ping;Jin, Wen;Pan, ChenDetermining optimal ALT cut-off values for predicting significant hepatic histological changes in patients with normal ALT in the grey zone of chronic hepatitis B virus infectionGastroenterology & Hepatology; Pharmacology & PharmacyALIMENTARY PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS7.6

24Sun, Yuqin;Chen, Qiuxian;Fang, Shunyong;Lian, Mingqiao;Lv, Chenbin;Huang, Rongjie;Cai, Lisheng;Chen, Yueqing;Weng, Jianming;Zhuang, Wei;Wang, Xiangyu;Xue, FangqinDiscovery of CDK signature and CDK5 as potential biomarkers for predicting prognosis and immunotherapeutic response in gastric cancer peritoneal metastasesOncologyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF CANCER RESEARCH5.31394087-4100
25Zheng, Yuanqi;Liu, ChenClinical Implication of N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide Burden in Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction: From the GUIDE-ITCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY2.8210
26Lin, QiongAlpha-1 antitrypsin inhibits fractalkine-mediated monocyte-lung endothelial cell interactionsPhysiology; Respiratory SystemAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY4.93256L711-L725
27Wang, Jian-chao;Zhong, Li-hua;Lin, Wei-qing;Zhang, Wen-fang;Zhu, Qiong;Liu, Wei;Zhu, Wei-feng;Chen, Yan-ping;Chen, GangJAK/STAT3 Signaling Activation Related to Distinct Clinicopathologic Features in Systemic ALK- Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphomas New Insights into Their HeterogeneityPathology; SurgeryAMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL PATHOLOGY5.647155-64
28Yin, YueClinical analysis of malignant lymphoma secondary to transplantation: the notorious lymphoproliferative diseaseOncology; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalAMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH2.215116632-6643
29Peng, HuapingAn improved ligand-assisted reprecipitation method to synthesize aqueous-phase CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals and investigate their electrochemiluminescence behaviorChemistry, AnalyticalANALYST4.2148246223-6227
30Xu, Xiaowen;Huang, Lingyi;Wu, Pingping;Wu, Youjia;Huang, Liying;Lin, Hui;Lin, BixiaAn ON-OFF fluorescent sensor based on a novel zinc-based flower-like structured metal-organic framework for sequential detection of deferasirox and tigecyclineChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA6.21277
31Wang, XinruiHarnessing intermolecular G-quadruplex-based spatial confinement effect for accelerated activation of CRISPR/Cas12a empowers ultra-sensitive detection of PML/RARA fusion genesChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA6.21287
32Han, Luodan;Chen, Zhiwei;Yu, Chunxiao;Tang, Keren;Sun, Weiming;Zhang, Xi;Yao, Xu;Chen, Jinghua;Wu, Fang;Lan, JianmingUpconversion luminescence nanosensor for detection of Fe3+ and phosphate ion based on the inner-filter effectBiochemical Research Methods; Chemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY4.3

33You, LiuxiaScreening a DNA Aptamer Specifically Targeting Integrin β3 and Partially Inhibiting Tumor Cell MigrationChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY7.4953312406-12418
34Chen, Guanyu;Yang, Ning;Xu, Lilan;Lu, Shi;Chen, Zhuhua;Wu, Fang;Chen, Jinghua;Zhang, XiBase-Stacking-Driven Catalytic Hairpin Assembly: A Nucleic Acid Amplification Reaction Using Electrode Interface as a Booster for SARS-CoV-2 Point-of-Care TestingChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY7.4954215595-15605
35Huang, Linglingβ-Cyclodextrin-functionalized Ti3C2Tx MXene nanohybrids as innovative signal amplifiers for the electrochemical sandwich-like immunosensing of squamous cell carcinoma antigenChemistry, Analytical; Food Science & Technology; SpectroscopyANALYTICAL METHODS3.115101336-1344
36Sun, WeimingA General Synthesis of Nanostructured Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks from Insulating MOF Precursors for Supercapacitors and Chemiresistive SensorsChemistry, MultidisciplinaryANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION16.6

37Wang, Xin-WenRole of MEG3 in Cellular Physiology of AtherosclerosisMedical Laboratory TechnologyANNALS OF CLINICAL AND LABORATORY SCIENCE0.8534619-629
38Lin, CongmengEfficacy and safety of generic pomalidomide plus low-dose dexamethasone in relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma: a multicenter, open-label, single-arm trialHematologyANNALS OF HEMATOLOGY3.5

39Li, Jingmin;Lv, Aixiang;Chen, Meihuan;Xu, Liangpu;Huang, HailongActivating transcription factor 4 in erythroid development and β-thalassemia: a powerful regulator with therapeutic potentialHematologyANNALS OF HEMATOLOGY3.5

40Dang, Yuan;Huang, Jingyun;Lin, Chen;Xu, ShaohuaInvestigation of the association between the Toll-like receptor 1 rs4833095 variation and gastric adenocarcinoma recurrenceGenetics & HeredityANNALS OF HUMAN GENETICS1.9

41Guan, Jinsheng;Liu, Linwei;Yang, Ying;Zheng, Zongli;Li, Junyu;Zheng, ZhengErector spinae plane block versus caudal block for postoperative analgesia in pediatric patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair: a randomized controlled trialMedicine, General & InternalANNALS OF MEDICINE4.455210.1080/07853890.2023.2298868
42Jiang, Pingying;Mao, Kaiyi;Lin, Yongxu;Li, Dan;Chen, Fenglin;Lin, Na;Huang, YongzhuAssociation between hepatitis B virus replication during pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: a retrospective cohort studyMedicine, General & InternalANNALS OF MEDICINE4.455210.1080/07853890.2023.2295396
43Liao, Xincheng;Shu, Xinru;Hong, Shisen;Yao, Yusheng;Li, HaoRegional versus systemic dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to lidocaine for intravenous regional anaesthesia in healthy volunteers: a randomized crossover studyMedicine, General & InternalANNALS OF MEDICINE4.455210.1080/07853890.2023.2300663
44Zhou, YunClinical analysis of acute postoperative pain after total laparoscopic hysterectomy for adenomyosis and uterine fibroids - a prospective observational studyMedicine, General & InternalANNALS OF MEDICINE4.455210.1080/07853890.2023.2281510
45Zheng, Zhi-Wei;Lin, Mi;Zheng, Hua-Long;Chen, Qi-Yue;Lin, Jian-Xian;Xue, Zhen;Xu, Bin-Bin;Li, Jin-Tao;Wei, Ling-Hua;Zheng, Hong-Hong;Lin, Jia;Wang, Fu-Hai;Shen, Li-Li;Li, Wen-Feng;Zhang, Ling-Kang;Huang, Chang-Ming;Li, PingComparison of Short-Term Outcomes After Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Radical Gastrectomy for Advanced Gastric Cancer in Elderly Individuals: A Propensity Score-Matching StudyOncology; SurgeryANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY3.7

46Tang, Shi-Chuan;Lin, Kong-Ying;Liu, Hong-Zhi;Zeng, Yong-Yi;Yang, TianImpact of Hepatic Pedicle Clamping on Long-Term Survival Following Hepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Stratified Analysis Based on Intraoperative Blood Transfusion StatusOncology; SurgeryANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY3.7

47Wang, Peiyuan;Chen, Yujie;He, Hao;Lin, Junpeng;Lin, Hui;Wei, Wenwei;Chen, Peng;Zhang, Derong;Chen, Weijie;Zhou, Hang;Gao, Pengqiang;Liu, Shuoyan;Wang, Feng;Lei, MengxiaPrognostic Factors and Outcomes in Elderly Esophagectomy Patients with Esophageal CancerOncology; SurgeryANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY3.7

48Lei, MengxiaOpting for the Most Appropriate Treatment Approach for Elderly Patients with Resectable Esophageal CancerOncology; SurgeryANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY3.7

49Guo, Mingling;Lin, Jianping;Wang, ShizhongEffects of acupuncture on the miR-146a-mediated IRAK1/TRAF6/ NF-ΚB signaling pathway in rats with sarcopenia induced by D-galactoseOncology; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalANNALS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE#N/A

50Zhou, Zhiwei;Guo, Pingfan;Zhang, Jinchi;Cai, Fanggang;Liu, Xueqiang;Dai, YiquanEfficacy Analysis of Drug-Coated Balloons in the Treatment of Ultra-Long Segment Lesions of Femoral Popliteal ArterySurgery; Peripheral Vascular DiseaseANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY1.599
51Li, Qing;Xu, Nengluan;Lin, Ming;Chen, Yusheng;Li, HongruSuccessful treatment of severe lung cancer caused by third-generation EGFR-TKI resistance due to EGFR genotype conversion with afatinib plus anlotinibOncology; Pharmacology & PharmacyANTI-CANCER DRUGS2.335193-96
52Liu, Jin;Zhu, Bin;Chen, Jiadi;Cao, YingpingComprehensive Analysis of KREMEN2 as an Immunotherapeutic and Prognostic Biomarker in Pan-CancerOncologyANTICANCER RESEARCH243104491-4509
53Lin, Li-hua;Lin, Qiuping;Wang, Xiao-mei;Zhang, Rong-hua;Zheng, Liang-hui;Zhang, HuibinThe possible impact of the universal two-child policy on pregnancy outcomesObstetrics & GynecologyARCHIVES OF GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS2.6

54Lin, Xiang;Ding, Jian-MingImmunity-related long noncoding RNA WDFY3-AS2 inhibited cell proliferation and metastasis through Wnt/β-catenin signaling in oral squamous cell carcinomaDentistry, Oral Surgery & MedicineARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY3147
55Hu, Luping;Xu, GuoxingPotential Protective Role of TRPM7 and Involvement of PKC/ERK Pathway in Blue Light-Induced Apoptosis in Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells in VitroOphthalmologyASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY4.4106572-578
56Chen, DehuiLabel-free quantitative proteomics analysis models in vivo and in vitro reveal key proteins and potential roles in sciatic nerve injuryBiologyBIOCELL1.24792069-2080
57Gao, Xiang;Lin, Chuantao;Feng, Yebin;You, YiAkkermansia muciniphila-derived small extracellular vesicles attenuate intestinal ischemia-reperfusion-induced postoperative cognitive dysfunction by suppressing microglia activation via the TLR2/4 signalingBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell BiologyBIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH5.11871210.1016/j.bbamcr.2023.119630
58Li, WanxinQuantitative Proteomics Analysis Reveals the Effect of a MarR Family Transcriptional Regulator AHA_2124 on Aeromonas hydrophilaBiologyBIOLOGY-BASEL4.2121210.3390/biology12121473
59Yu, Luying;Zhou, Ao;Jia, Jingyan;Wang, Jieting;Deng, Yu;Lin, XinhuaImmunoactivity of a hybrid membrane biosurface on nanoparticles: enhancing interactions with dendritic cells to augment anti-tumor immune responsesMaterials Science, BiomaterialsBIOMATERIALS SCIENCE6.6

60Chen, Di Qun;Ye, Ying;Chen, Zhi HuiComparison of Thyroglobulin and Thyroid Function in Pregnant Women between Counties with a Median Urinary Iodine Concentration of 100-149 μg/L and 150-249 μg/LEnvironmental Sciences; Public, Environmental & Occupational HealthBIOMEDICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES3.53610917-929
61Chen, Yu;Chen, Lizhu;Chen, Chuanben;Huang, ZhengrongDWL-4-140: A allene small molecule targeting STING that alleviates lupus-like phenotype in Trex1- /- miceMedicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & PharmacyBIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY7.5165
62Qian, Zhi RongUmbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing CXCR7 facilitate treatment of ARDS-associated pulmonary fibrosis via inhibition of Notch/ Jag1 mediated by the Wnt/β-catenin pathwayMedicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & PharmacyBIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY7.5165
63Chen, Xiaoying;Hu, Hong;Lin, Xiaohuang;Chen, Mengting;Bao, Wenqiang;Wu, Yajiao;Li, Chutao;Zhang, Jian;Chen, Kunqi;Zhu, AnEuphorbia factor L1 inhibited transport channel and energy metabolism in human colon adenocarcinoma cell line Caco-2Medicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & PharmacyBIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY7.5169
64Zhang, TaoDifferentiation of subnucleus-sized oligomers and nucleation-competent assemblies of the Aβ peptideBiophysicsBIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL3.41222269-278
65Lu, Tai-Cheng;Zhong, Yuan-Jie;Qiu, Qing-Zhen;Chen, Zhen-Hua;Lei, Yun;Liu, Ai-Lin;Chen, Yuan-ZhongSimultaneous detection of C-reactive protein and lipopolysaccharide based on a dual-channel electrochemical biosensor for rapid Gram-typing of bacterial sepsisBiophysics; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Chemistry, Analytical; Electrochemistry; Nanoscience & NanotechnologyBIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS12.6243
66Liu, Xing-yunβ-Catenin-treated peptides effectively inhibit the proliferation of colorectal cancerBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biotechnology & Applied MicrobiologyBIOTECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY2.87031109-1120
67Huang, Yaqi;Yan, Ting;Luo, Huirong;Lai, Zhongmeng;Zhang, Liangcheng;Lu, GuitingEfficacy and safety of remimazolam compared with propofol in hypertensive patients undergoing breast cancer surgery: a single-center, randomized, controlled studyAnesthesiologyBMC ANESTHESIOLOGY2.223110.1186/s12871-023-02364-x
68Huang, Chuanzhong;Wang, Ling;Chen, Huijing;Ye, Yunbin;Fu, Wankai;Shao, Lingdong;Wu, Junxin;Zhou, DongmeiA positive feedback loop between ID3 and PPARγ via DNA damage repair regulates the efficacy of radiotherapy for rectal cancerOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-10874-7
69Zhou, Jiao;Huang, Yanjun;Zhang, Yizheng;Hong, Yuming;Chen, Xiaofang;Lu, Ming;Zheng, Chaohui;Guo, Xiumei;Zheng, FengCorrelation between preoperative peripheral blood NLR, PLR, LMR and prognosis of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinomaOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11752-y
70Dai, XingchenIntegrative analysis of transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles reveals enhanced arginine metabolism in androgen-independent prostate cancer cellsOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11707-3
71Shen, Guo-Yi;Huang, Rong-Zhi;Yang, Shao-Bin;Shen, Rong-Qiang;Gao, Jian-Li;Zhang, YiHigh SNHG expression may predict a poor lung cancer prognosis based on a meta-analysisOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11706-4
72Zheng, Xinlong;Zhang, Longfeng;Zheng, Xiaobin;Miao, Qian;Jiang, Kan;Xu, Yiquan;Wu, Shiwen;Wang, Haibo;Yang, Shanshan;Li, Yujing;Chen, Sihui;Lin, Gen;Chen, Lijin;Lin, Xiaoyan;Liu, Zhenhua;Ye, Feng;Chen, Shengchi;Zhang, QiuyuBaseline C-reactive protein predicts efficacy of the first-line immune checkpoint inhibitors plus chemotherapy in advanced lung squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective, multicenter studyOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11737-x
73Lin, Zhongqiao;Liu, Jun;Chen, Ling;Huang, Yufang;Chen, Yu;Lin, Jing;Zhang, Huishan;Xiao, HuazhenClinical features and prognosis of cardiac metastatic tumorsOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11733-1
74Lin, Kong-Ying;Chen, Qing-Jing;Tang, Shi-Chuan;Guo, Luo-Bin;Zeng, Yong-Yi;Lin, Zhi-Wen;Fu, Jun;Zheng, Li-Fang;Wu, Meng-Meng;Lin, Ke-Can;You, Peng-HuiPrognostic implications of alpha-fetoprotein and C-reactive protein elevation in hepatocellular carcinoma following resection (PACE): a large cohort study of 2770 patientsOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11693-6
75Zheng, Jifang;Li, Siya;Kang, Zhaoxin;Zheng, Fei;Yao, Qiwei;Zhang, Xueqing;Wu, Ziyi;Wang, Jiezhong;Li, Jiancheng;Chen, Mingqiu;Zhang, Hejun;Chen, Gang;Fang, Weimin;Chen, YuanguiPrognostic value of Hematoxylin and eosin staining tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (H&E-TILs) in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma treated with chemoradiotherapyOncologyBMC CANCER3.823110.1186/s12885-023-11684-7
76Wu, Haiyun;Dai, Ruozhu;Wang, Min;Chen, ChengboUric acid promotes myocardial infarction injury via activating pyrin domain-containing 3 inflammasome and reactive oxygen species/transient receptor potential melastatin 2/Ca2+pathwayCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsBMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS2.123110.1186/s12872-023-03040-1
77Wang, Wan-da;Lin, Hui-li;Zheng, Yan-li;Wang, Sheng-nan;Wang, Yao-guoElevated serum neuropeptide Y levels are associated with carotid plaque formation in Chinese adults: a cross-sectional studyCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsBMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS2.123110.1186/s12872-023-03660-7
78Lin, Wen-Hao;Zhou, Si-Jia;Chen, Xiu-Hua;Cao, Hua;Chen, QiangChanges of serum TSH, FT3, and FT4 levels in infants received surgical correction of congenital heart disease under cardiopulmonary bypassCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsBMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS2.123110.1186/s12872-023-03590-4
79Huang, Changyu;Chen, Yang;Ding, Haiqi;Lin, Yiming;Hu, Hongxin;Chen, Yongfa;Huang, Ying;Zhang, Chaofan;Huang, Zida;Li, Wenbo;Zhang, Wenming;Fang, Xinyu;You, Shan;Hu, Xueni;Chen, Yanshu;Lin, YunzhiTRPV1+ neurons alter Staphylococcus aureus skin infection outcomes by affecting macrophage polarization and neutrophil recruitmentImmunologyBMC IMMUNOLOGY324110.1186/s12865-023-00584-x
80Dai, Yi-Fang;Wu, Xiao-Qing;Huang, Hai-Long;He, Shu-Qiong;Guo, Dan-Hua;Li, Ying;Lin, Na;Xu, Liang-PuExperience of copy number variation sequencing applied in spontaneous abortionGenetics & HeredityBMC MEDICAL GENOMICS2.717110.1186/s12920-023-01699-1
81Zhou, Shuo;Lin, Meifu;Chen, Guobao;Chen, WenxinA diagnostic model based on 18F-FDG PET/CT parameters in improving the differential diagnosis of invasive thymic epithelial tumors and anterior mediastinal lymphomasRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingBMC MEDICAL IMAGING2.724110.1186/s12880-023-01185-1
82Chen, Yu;Chen, LingFirst-in-human phase I dose-escalation and dose-expansion trial of the selective MEK inhibitor HL-085 in patients with advanced melanoma harboring NRAS mutationsMedicine, General & InternalBMC MEDICINE9.321110.1186/s12916-022-02669-7
83Zhou, Piaopiao;Zou, Zhiqiang;Wu, Wenwei;Zhang, Hui;Wang, Shuling;Tu, Xiaoyan;Huang, Weibin;Chen, Cunrong;Zhu, Shuaijun;Weng, Qinyong;Zheng, ShixiangThe gut-lung axis in critical illness: microbiome composition as a predictor of mortality at day 28 in mechanically ventilated patientsMicrobiologyBMC MICROBIOLOGY4.223110.1186/s12866-023-03078-3
84Zhu, Zhengyan;Zhang, Zhenpan;Liang, RishengTrigeminal neuralgia caused by a persistent primitive trigeminal artery variant passing through Meckel's cavity: a case reportClinical NeurologyBMC NEUROLOGY2.623110.1186/s12883-023-03483-1
85Shi, Yisen;Zou, Xinyang;Cai, Guoen;Lin, FabinAssociation of time spent outdoors with the risk of Parkinson's disease: a prospective cohort study of 329,359 participantsClinical NeurologyBMC NEUROLOGY2.624110.1186/s12883-023-03499-7
86Xu, Xia;Ye, Xu;Zhu, Mengwei;Zhang, Qiuyu;Li, Xiuli;Yan, JianyingFtMt reduces oxidative stress-induced trophoblast cell dysfunction via the HIF-1α/VEGF signaling pathwayObstetrics & GynecologyBMC PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH3.123110.1186/s12884-023-05448-1
87Huang, Jinghong;Liu, XiaojunAnxiety, depression, and their comorbidity among Chinese college students during the COVID-19 lockdown in the post-epidemic era: an online cross-sectional surveyPsychiatryBMC PSYCHIATRY4.423110.1186/s12888-023-05442-z
88Liao, Xu-YingTrends and projections of inflammatory bowel disease at the global, regional and national levels, 1990-2050: a bayesian age-period-cohort modeling studyPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH4.523110.1186/s12889-023-17431-8
89Liu, Xiaojun;Huang, Yimin;Zhang, Lingling;Chang, HuajingAssociation between living arrangements and health risk behaviors among the Hakka older adults in Fujian, ChinaPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH4.523110.1186/s12889-023-17107-3
90Yao, Rui-Jie;Xiao, Hong;Chen, Shu-Shen;Feng, Zhi-Hao;Ding, Yi-Lang;Chen, Xi;Tang, Song-Xi;Zhou, Hui-LiangEfficacy of various surgical approaches in treating hematospermia using transurethral seminal vesiculoscopySurgeryBMC SURGERY1.923110.1186/s12893-023-02290-2
91Li, WangyuPostoperative stellate ganglion block to reduce myocardial injury after laparoscopic radical resection for colorectal cancer: protocol for a randomised trialMedicine, General & InternalBMJ OPEN2.9131110.1136/bmjopen-2022-069183
92Zeng, Yuqi;Wang, Yingqing;Ye, Qinyong;Cai, Guoenβ Oscillations of Dorsal STN as a Potential Biomarker in Parkinson's Disease Motor Subtypes: An Exploratory StudyNeurosciencesBRAIN SCIENCES3.313510.3390/brainsci13050737
93Xiu, Wenlong;Lin, Jiajia;Hu, Yanhua;Yang, ChangyiAssessing multiple factors affecting the gut microbiome structure of very preterm infantsBiology; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalBRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH2.356
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