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1Li, Shu-JieCryo-electron microscopy for GPCR research and drug discovery in endocrinology and metabolismEndocrinology & MetabolismNATURE REVIEWS ENDOCRINOLOGY40.5

2Yuan, Ping;Zhang, Xiaohong;Xie, BaosongCharacteristics of innate, humoral and cellular immunity in children with non-severe SARS-CoV-2 infectionInfectious DiseasesJOURNAL OF INFECTION28.2882158-166
3He, HengBidirectional Association Between Cardiovascular Disease and Lung Cancer in a Prospective Cohort StudyOncology; Respiratory SystemJOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY20.419180-93
4Wang, ZihuaBispecific, Exosome-Mimetic Lipid Nanoparticles Facilitate Dual siRNAs for Synergistic Therapy against Pancreatic CancerChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Chemistry, Physical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Applied; Physics, Condensed MatterADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS19

5Qiu, SufangRadiomics and Deep Learning in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A ReviewEngineering, BiomedicalIEEE REVIEWS IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING17.617
6Fang, ZhutingDeciphering Oxygen-Independent Augmented Photodynamic Oncotherapy by Facilitating the Separation of Electron-Hole PairsChemistry, MultidisciplinaryANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION16.6

7Wang, Haiwei;Chen, BinghongAEP-cleaved DDX3X induces alternative RNA splicing events to mediate cancer cell adaptation in harsh microenvironmentsMedicine, Research & ExperimentalJOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION15.9134310.1172/JCI173299
8Chen, Yingjie;Liao, Yanling;Zheng, XiaochunLong-term survival after female pelvic organ-sparing radical cystectomy versus standard radical cystectomy: a multi-institutional propensity score-matched analysisSurgeryINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY15.311021289-1290
9Huang, Shishi;Liao, Zhenqi;Wang, Jiali;Xu, Xiaodong;Zhang, Liangcheng;Chen, AndiEffect of carotid corrected flow time combined with perioperative fluid therapy on preventing hypotension after general anesthesia induction in elderly patients: a prospective cohort studySurgeryINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY15.31102799-809
10You, JunRevolutionizing sphincter preservation in ultra-low rectal cancer: exploring the potential of transanal endoscopic intersphincteric resection (taE-ISR): a propensity score-matched cohort studySurgeryINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY15.31102709-720
11Zhuang, Dongzhou;Wang, ShousenA dynamic nomogram for predicting intraoperative brain bulge during decompressive craniectomy in patients with traumatic brain injury: a retrospective studySurgeryINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY15.31102909-920
12Xu, Sunwang;Jiang, CenDNMT3A Cooperates with YAP/TAZ to Drive Gallbladder Cancer MetastasisChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryADVANCED SCIENCE15.1

13Kang, Feng-Ping;Chen, Zhi-Wen;Liao, Cheng-Yu;Wu, Yong-Ding;Xie, Cheng-Ke;Lin, Hong-Yi;Tian, Yi-Feng;Wang, Zu-Wei;Chen, Shi;Li, Ge<i>Escherichia coli</i>-Induced cGLIS3-Mediated Stress Granules Activate the NF-κB Pathway to Promote Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma ProgressionChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryADVANCED SCIENCE15.1

14Zheng, QiDevelopment of a machine learning-based model to predict hepatic inflammation in chronic hepatitis B patients with concurrent hepatic steatosis: a cohort studyMedicine, General & InternalECLINICALMEDICINE15.168
15He, Shao-HuaA natural product-derived nanozyme regulator induced chemo-ferroptosis dual therapy in remodeling of the tumor immune microenvironment of hepatocellular carcinomaEngineering, Environmental; Engineering, ChemicalCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL15.1482
16Huang, Kai-Yuan;Yang, Zhi-Qiang;Yang, Ming-Rui;Chen, Tian-Shui;Tang, Shurong;Sun, Wei-Ming;Deng, Hao-Hua;Chen, WeiUnraveling a Concerted Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Pathway in Atomically Precise Gold NanoclustersChemistry, MultidisciplinaryJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY15

17Lin, Qiuxiang;Huang, Zuxiong;You, Jia;Ma, XiongImmunosuppression induces regression of fibrosis in primary biliary cholangitis with moderate-to-severe interface hepatitisImmunologyJOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY12.8143
18Lai, Kunmei;Wang, Junjie;Lin, Siyi;Chen, Zhimin;Ye, Keng;Yuan, Ying;Lin, Yujiao;Xu, Yanfang;Ma, Huabin;Lin, GuoSensing of mitochondrial DNA by ZBP1 promotes RIPK3-mediated necroptosis and ferroptosis in response to diquat poisoningBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell BiologyCELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION12.4

19Zhang, Li;Zheng, Zhiyi;Fu, Ya;Chen, Tianbin;Liu, Can;Yi, Qiang;Lin, Caorui;Ou, Qishui;Zeng, Yongbin;Huang, Huanhuan;Zeng, YongjunMulti-omics reveals deoxycholic acid modulates bile acid metabolism via the gut microbiota to antagonize carbon tetrachloride-induced chronic liver injuryGastroenterology & Hepatology; MicrobiologyGUT MICROBES12.216110.1080/19490976.2024.2323236
20Zhou, YongjianClinical Benefit of Avapritinib in <i>KIT-</i>Mutant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: A <i>Post Hoc</i> Analysis of the Phase I NAVIGATOR and Phase I/II CS3007-001 StudiesOncologyCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH11.5304719-728
21Cheng, BishengSingle-cell deconvolution algorithms analysis unveils autocrine IL11-mediated resistance to docetaxel in prostate cancer via activation of the JAK1/STAT4 pathwayOncologyJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH11.343110.1186/s13046-024-02962-8
22Fu, YingAutoimmune Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Astrocytopathy Is Associated with HLA-A3303 and HLA-DPB10501Clinical Neurology; NeurosciencesANNALS OF NEUROLOGY11.2

23Zhuang, Qiuyu;Dai, Zhiguo;Xu, Xuechun;Bai, Shaoyi;Zhang, Yindan;Zheng, Youshi;Xing, Xiaohua;Hu, En;Wang, Yingchao;Guo, Wuhua;Zhao, Bixing;Zeng, Yongyi;Liu, XiaolongRNA Methyltransferase FTSJ3 Regulates the Type I Interferon Pathway to Promote Hepatocellular Carcinoma Immune EvasionOncologyCANCER RESEARCH11.2843405-418
24Xu, ZhenshuCRIP1 involves the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma via dual-regulation of proteasome and autophagyMedicine, General & Internal; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalEBIOMEDICINE11.1100
25Zhang, Jieping;Wang, Guoyu;Liu, Daojia;Chen, JunqiangX-ray Activated Nanoprodrug for Visualization of Cortical Microvascular Alterations and NIR-II Image-Guided Chemo-Radiotherapy of GlioblastomaChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Chemistry, Physical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Applied; Physics, Condensed MatterNANO LETTERS10.8

26Xu, Yingying;Yang, Liu;Sun, Weiming;Zheng, Yijing;Ou, Beiwei;Wu, Lixian;Chen, Wei;Wang, Chengyan;Lin, XiFerroptosis boosted oral cancer photodynamic therapy by carrier-free Sorafenib-Ce6 self-assembly nanoparticlesChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Pharmacology & PharmacyJOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE10.8366
27Zhuang, Lvping;Gao, Weijie;Fang, Wenting;Lo, Hsuan;Dai, Xiaoman;Zhang, Jie;Ye, Qinyong;Chen, Xiaochun;Zhang, Jing;Chen, WanjingLHPP in Glutamatergic Neurons of the Ventral Hippocampus Mediates Depression-like Behavior by Dephosphorylating CaMKIIa and ERKNeurosciences; PsychiatryBIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY10.6955389-402
28Chen, Ling;Hou, Ping;Zou, Yu-lian;Wang, Yang;Zhou, Lin -lin;Hu, Li;Zhang, Qiu-yu;Hu, Yan;Huang, Li-ping;Lin, LinB7-H1 agonists suppress the PI3K/AKT/mtor pathway by degrading p110γ and independently induce cell deathOncologyCANCER LETTERS9.7584
29Tang, Faqiang;Zhou, ZijieBionic Bilayer Scaffold for Synchronous Hyperthermia Therapy of Orthotopic Osteosarcoma and Osteochondral RegenerationNanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES9.51678538-8553
30Tang, Faqiang;Zhou, ZijieBionic Bilayer Scaffold for Synchronous Hyperthermia Therapy of Orthotopic Osteosarcoma and Osteochondral RegenerationNanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES9.5

31Hong, Shiya;Ni, Zhi;Zhang, Qingyong;Lin, Lan;Zhang, RongchunEndoscopic membranectomy for congenital duodenal stenosis in an adultGastroenterology & Hepatology; SurgeryENDOSCOPY9.356
32He, Xiao-Jian;Yao, Li-Jia;Zheng, Jing;Wen, Xiao-Dong;Jiang, Chuan-Shen;Liu, Gang;Li, Da-Zhou;Li, Dong-Liang;Wen, Wang;Chen, Chang-XinArtificial intelligence-assisted system for the assessment of Forrest classification of peptic ulcer bleeding: a multicenter diagnostic studyGastroenterology & Hepatology; SurgeryENDOSCOPY9.3

33Hong, Baohui;Liu, Maobai;Yang, Jing;Du, Bin;Zheng, Caiyun;Ni, RupingComparison of immune checkpoint inhibitors related to pulmonary adverse events: a retrospective analysis of clinical studies and network meta-analysisMedicine, General & InternalBMC MEDICINE9.322110.1186/s12916-024-03285-3
34Xie, LiliEfficient production of ligand-free microscintillators at gram-scale for high-resolution X-ray luminescence imagingChemistry, MultidisciplinaryCHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS9.135310.1016/j.cclet.2023.1088991001-8417
35Xiang, Xinran;Wu, Yaoyao;Zhang, Shenghang;Niu, HuiminHigh-throughput identification of meat ingredients in adulterated foods based on centrifugal integrated purification-CRISPR arrayChemistry, Applied; Food Science & Technology; Nutrition & DieteticsFOOD CHEMISTRY8.8443
36Li, Xianghui;Yang, Xiulin;Pan, ZhipengNucleic acid amplification-free biosensor for sensitive and specific cfDNA detection based on CRISPR-Cas12a and single nanoparticle dark-field microscopy (DFM) imagingChemistry, Analytical; Electrochemistry; Instruments & InstrumentationSENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL8.4406
37Lin, Da-Cen;Lin, Mo-Jun;Huang, Yan-Zhen;Lu, Gui-Feng;Li, Hui-Bin;Lai, Su-Mei;Lin, Yi-Chen;Gui, Long-XinPulmonary Hypertension Induces Serotonin Hyperreactivity and Metabolic Reprogramming in Coronary Arteries via NOX1/4-TRPM2 Signaling PathwayPeripheral Vascular DiseaseHYPERTENSION8.3813582-594
38Zheng, Aixian;Ning, Zhaoyu;Wang, Xiaorong;Li, Zhenli;Sun, Yupeng;Wu, Ming;Zhang, Da;Liu, Xiaolong;Zeng, Yongyi;Chen, JianwuHuman serum albumin as the carrier to fabricate STING-activating peptide nanovaccine for antitumor immunotherapyEngineering, Biomedical; Materials Science, BiomaterialsMATERIALS TODAY BIO8.225
39Chen, Xiaohong;Li, JingyiDual green hemostatic sponges constructed by collagen fibers disintegrated from <i>Halocynthia roretzi</i> by a shortcut methodEngineering, Biomedical; Materials Science, BiomaterialsMATERIALS TODAY BIO8.224
40Wu, Fan;Chen, Caiming;Xie, Jingzhi;Lin, Kongwen;Dai, Xingchen;Chen, Zhengyue;Ye, Keng;Yuan, Ying;Chen, Zhimin;Lin, Zishan;Xu, Yanfang;Ma, Huabin;Lin, GuoCaspase-11/GSDMD contributes to the progression of hyperuricemic nephropathy by promoting NETs formationBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell BiologyCELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES881110.1007/s00018-024-05136-z
41Xue, Song-tao;Cao, Shi-qiang;Li, Wen-juan;Zheng, Jian-cong;Lin, Xiao;Chen, Chun;Zheng, BinLncRNA LUESCC promotes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by targeting the miR-6785-5p/NRSN2 axisBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell BiologyCELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES881110.1007/s00018-024-05172-9
42Huang, Jing-Jing;Jia, Lin;Zheng, Da-Li;Zheng, MingAnti-Microbial Effect of AgBr-NP@CTMAB on Streptococcus Mutans and Assessment of Surface Roughness Hardness and Flexural Strength of PMMANanoscience & Nanotechnology; Pharmacology & PharmacyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE819
43Hu, ZhijianCohort Profile: South China CohortPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY7.753210.1093/ije/dyae028
44Zhong, Qing;Chen, Jun-Yu;Shang-Guan, Zhi-Xin;Liu, Zhi-Yu;Lin, Guang-Tan;Wu, Dong;Jiang, Yi-Ming;Wang, Jia-Bin;Lin, Jian-Xian;Chen, Qi-Yue;Lin, Ju-Li;Xie, Jian-Wei;Li, Ping;Lu, Jun;Huang, Chang-Ming;Zheng, Chao-HuiLong-term oncological outcomes of 3D versus 2D laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer: a randomized clinical trialOncology; Gastroenterology & HepatologyGASTRIC CANCER7.4

45Fang, Shanhong;You, Mengqiang;Chen, Peng;He, Tianmin;Zhu, HuixinGlucocorticoids promote steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head by down-regulating serum alpha-2-macroglobulin to induce oxidative stress and facilitate SIRT2-mediated BMP2 deacetylationBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Endocrinology & MetabolismFREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE7.4213
46Chen, ZhaoyangRecent discoveries of the role of histone modifications and related inhibitors in pathological cardiac hypertrophyPharmacology & PharmacyDRUG DISCOVERY TODAY7.429210.1016/j.drudis.2024.103878
47Wang, Si-Ying;Yang, Shao-Wei;Chen, Wei-Kai;Zhao, Yue-Ling;Li, Meng-Die;Tian, Dan;Pan, Yue;Lin, Xiao-Shan;Zhu, Xiao-Qian;Huang, Zhen;Shen, Zu-Cheng;Lai, Zhong-Meng;Tao, Wu-ChengRegulation of depressive-like behaviours by palmitoylation: Role of AKAP150 in the basolateral amygdalaPharmacology & PharmacyBRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY7.3

48Lin, Kong-Ying;Lin, Zhi-Wen;Chen, Qing-Jing;Luo, Liu-Ping;Wu, Meng-Meng;Lin, Ke-Can;Zeng, Yong-Yi;Zhang, Jian-Xi;Zhang, Zhi-BoSerum alpha-fetoprotein response as a preoperative prognostic indicator in unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma with salvage hepatectomy following conversion therapy: a multicenter retrospective studyImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY7.315
49Zhang, Bo;Feng, Huiru;Lin, Hui;Li, RuiSomatostatin-SSTR3-GSK3 modulates human T-cell responses by inhibiting OXPHOSImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY7.315
50Lin, Qingjiang;Zeng, Rongyao;Yang, Jinfeng;Xu, Zebo;Jin, Shaoxiong;Wei, GuanPrognostic stratification of sepsis through DNA damage response based RiskScore system: insights from single-cell RNA-sequencing and transcriptomic profilingImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY7.315
51Xie, Shu-Han;Yang, Li-Tao;Zhang, Hai;Lin, Zhi-Wei;Chen, Yi;Hong, Zhi-Nuan;Kang, Ming-Qiang;Tang, Zi-Lu;Xu, Rong-YuAdjuvant therapy provides no additional recurrence-free benefit for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients after neoadjuvant chemoimmunotherapy and surgery: a multi-center propensity score match studyImmunologyFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY7.315
52Shen, M.;Liu, J.;Lin, T.;Liu, X.;Li, L.;Zhu, L.Predictive value of crossover sign for outcome of ultrasound-guided vacuum aspiration in women with Cesarean scar pregnancyAcoustics; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY7.1

53Cao, Shi-qiang;Xue, Song-tao;Li, Wen-juan;Wu, Zhi-gang;Zheng, Jian-cong;Zhang, Shu-liang;Lin, Xiao;Chen, Chun;Zheng, BinCircHIPK3 regulates fatty acid metabolism through miR-637/FASN axis to promote esophageal squamous cell carcinomaCell BiologyCELL DEATH DISCOVERY710110.1038/s41420-024-01881-z
54Zhu, Jiyun;Zheng, SimingLncRNA MACC1-AS1 induces gemcitabine resistance in pancreatic cancer cells through suppressing ferroptosisCell BiologyCELL DEATH DISCOVERY710110.1038/s41420-024-01866-y
55Liu, Changyun;Lin, QianqianAssociation between high-resolution magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging characteristics and recurrent stroke in patients with intracranial atherosclerotic steno-occlusive disease: A prospective multicenter studyClinical Neurology; Peripheral Vascular DiseaseINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STROKE6.7

56Liu, Ang;Hong, Ping-Yang;Wu, Jian-Hua;Chen, Zhi-YuanAssessing causality between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with depression: A bidirectional Mendelian randomization studyClinical Neurology; PsychiatryJOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS6.6351
57Chen, Wen;Lin, Xiaodan;Wu, Zhenheng;Pan, Wei;Ke, Qiming;Chen, YanlingLaparoscopic liver resection is superior to radiofrequency ablation for small hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis of propensity score-matched studiesGastroenterology & HepatologyHEPATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL6.6

58Wei, Pei;Xie, Hongteng;Chen, Zhaohong;Xu, Zhaorong;Wu, LijiaoApplication of a meshed artificial dermal scaffold and negative-pressure wound therapy in the treatment of full-thickness skin defects: a prospective <i>in vivo</i> studyMaterials Science, BiomaterialsBIOMATERIALS SCIENCE6.6

59Zhao, Jiedong;Wang, XinruiCancer screening in hospitalized ischemic stroke patients: a multicenter study focused on multiparametric analysis to improve management of occult cancersMedicine, General & Internal; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalEPMA JOURNAL6.515153-66
60Hu, Chanchan;Lin, Zhifeng;Xie, Xiaoxu;Hu, ZhijianMetabolomic landscape of overall and common cancers in the UK Biobank: A prospective cohort studyOncologyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER6.4

61Zhang, Chengcheng;Hu, Dingxiang;Shi, Tengbin;Wu, Dingwei;Liu, WengeThe Application of Three-Dimensional-Printed Hydrogels in Bone Tissue EngineeringCell & Tissue Engineering; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Cell Biology; Engineering, Biomedical; Materials Science, BiomaterialsTISSUE ENGINEERING PART B-REVIEWS6.4

62Wang, Chaoyun;Zhang, Qinghua;Cai, Weixing;Zou, Qiuying;Lin, Jingjing;Zhang, Lin;Zhong, Lin;Li, Xinyao;Liao, Yuqing;Liu, Qin;Li, Yumei;Zhang, Li;Yang, Xi;Chen, LiangwanTransketolase drives the development of aortic dissection by impairing mitochondrial bioenergeticsPhysiologyACTA PHYSIOLOGICA6.3

63Zheng, XiaodanA novel synchronous fluorescence spectrometry combined with fluorescence sensitization for the highly sensitive and simultaneous detection of enoxacin, ofloxacin and tetracycline hydrochloride residues in wastewaterChemistry, AnalyticalTALANTA6.1271
64Wang, Ling;Lin, Xiaolan;Ruan, Junshan;Sun, Mingyao;Zheng, Tian;Zheng, Luyan;Lin, FanNew light on ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and diabetes debate: a population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling and intake threshold studyEndocrinology & Metabolism; Nutrition & DieteticsNUTRITION & DIABETES6.114110.1038/s41387-024-00262-w
65Huang, Jiaofeng;Wu, Yinlian;Wang, Mingfang;Lin, Su;Zheng, JiapingThe prognostic role of diet quality in patients with MAFLD and physical activity: data from NHANESEndocrinology & Metabolism; Nutrition & DieteticsNUTRITION & DIABETES6.114110.1038/s41387-024-00261-x
66Wang, NingRationale and design of Treatment of Acute Ischaemic Stroke with Edaravone Dexborneol II (TASTE-2): a multicentre randomised controlled trialClinical NeurologySTROKE AND VASCULAR NEUROLOGY5.9

67Wang, Xinya;Chen, Xiaotong;Rao, ShitaoIntervention Efficacy of Slightly Processed Allergen/Meat in Oral Immunotherapy for Seafood Allergy: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Meta-Regression Analysis in Mouse Models and Clinical PatientsNutrition & DieteticsNUTRIENTS5.916510.3390/nu16050667
68Huang, Linjie;Su, Yina;Hu, Xueqi;Zhang, Yichao;Xu, Guizhen;Chen, Simin;Wu, Jiaqiong;Wang, Siyu;Zhang, Dongdong;Zeng, Zheng;Hong, Shanni;Lin, XiahuiAn Ultrasound-Activated Nanozyme Sonosensitizer for Photoacoustic Imaging-Guided Breast Cancer Sonodynamic and Starvation Combination TherapyNanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS5.9744441-4452
69Wang, Shuling;Chen, CunrongUncovering the cellular and omics characteristics of natural killer cells in the bone marrow microenvironment of patients with acute myeloid leukemiaOncologyCANCER CELL INTERNATIONAL5.824110.1186/s12935-024-03300-w
70Wu, Jia-Yi;Yan, Mao-LinSalvage Surgery for Initially Unresectable HCC With PVTT Converted by Locoregional Treatment Plus Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor and Anti-PD-1 AntibodyOncologyONCOLOGIST5.8

71Wu, SixuanImpact of NDUFAF6 on breast cancer prognosis: linking mitochondrial regulation to immune response and PD-L1 expressionOncologyCANCER CELL INTERNATIONAL5.824110.1186/s12935-024-03244-1
72Cao, Yingping;Zhang, Chunying;Chen, Jiadi;Ren, Jingyi;Li, Xiaoyu;Zhang, Yaqin;Huang, Bihan;Xu, Yihan;Dong, LuyanN<SUP>6</SUP>-methyladenosine levels in peripheral blood RNA: a potential diagnostic biomarker for colorectal cancerOncologyCANCER CELL INTERNATIONAL5.824110.1186/s12935-024-03289-2
73Huang, Yinqiong;Wu, Xiaohong;Zhang, Yiping;Wang, Siyun;Cai, Chi;Lin, Xiahong;Zhang, YanRetinal vascular density as a potential biomarker of diabetic cerebral small vessel diseaseEndocrinology & MetabolismDIABETES OBESITY & METABOLISM5.8

74Chen, GangBody size, insulin sensitivity, metabolic health and risk of cardiovascular disease in Chinese adults: Insights from the China Cardiometabolic Disease and Cancer Cohort (4C) studyEndocrinology & MetabolismDIABETES OBESITY & METABOLISM5.8

75Hu, Xueqi;Zhang, Dongdong;Huang, Linjie;Zeng, Zheng;Su, Yina;Lin, Xiahui;Hong, Shanni;Chen, ShanshanConstruction of a Functional Nucleic Acid-Based Artificial Vesicle-Encapsulated Composite Nanoparticle and Its Application in Retinoblastoma-Targeted TheranosticsMaterials Science, BiomaterialsACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING5.81031830-1842
76Fang, XinyuThe GDNF-gel/HA-Mg conduit promotes the repair of peripheral nerve defects by regulating PPAR-g/RhoA/ROCK signaling pathwayMultidisciplinary SciencesISCIENCE5.827210.1016/j.isci.2024.108969
77Kang, Zhen;Zhao, Yu-Xuan;Qiu, Ren Shun Qian;Chen, Dong-Ning;Zheng, Qing-Shui;Xue, Xue-Yi;Xu, Ning;Wei, YongIdentification macrophage signatures in prostate cancer by single-cell sequencing and machine learningOncology; ImmunologyCANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY5.873310.1007/s00262-024-03633-5
78Lin, Xiuhua;Xie, Baosong;Tang, Shichuan;Guo, Yutong;Tang, Ruijing;Li, Zhenli;Pan, Xinting;Chen, Geng;Qiu, Liman;Dong, Xiuqing;Liu, Xiaolong;Cai, ZhixiongPersonalized neoantigen vaccine enhances the therapeutic efficacy of bevacizumab and anti-PD-1 antibody in advanced non-small cell lung cancerOncology; ImmunologyCANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY5.873210.1007/s00262-023-03598-x
79Guo, ZengqingAssociation of possible sarcopenia with all-cause mortality in patients with solid cancer: A nationwide multicenter cohort studyGeriatrics & Gerontology; Nutrition & DieteticsJOURNAL OF NUTRITION HEALTH & AGING5.828110.1016/j.jnha.2023.100023
80Chen, Jingbo;Zhang, GuifengFlexible 2D S-CNF/Au NSs substrate for detection of malondialdehyde in serum of gastric cancer patientsMaterials Science, Paper & Wood; Materials Science, Textiles; Polymer ScienceCELLULOSE5.7

81Zhong, Yu;Liu, Meng-Meng;Li, Ji-Cheng;Lu, Tai-Cheng;Cao, Xia;Yang, Yuan-Jie;Lei, Yun;Liu, Ai-Lin<i>In vitro</i> drug screening models derived from different PC12 cell lines for exploring Parkinson's disease based on electrochemical signals of catecholamine neurotransmittersChemistry, AnalyticalMICROCHIMICA ACTA5.7191310.1007/s00604-024-06250-2
82Lin, Xuping;Yang, Wencheng;Wang, Xiaomeng;Lu, Haichuan;Yang, YanfangComparative experimental study of the biomechanical properties of retrograde tibial nailing and distal tibia plate in distal tibia fractureBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Engineering, BiomedicalFRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY5.712
83Chen, Jia-Min;Cheng, Yi-Ling;Yang, Meng-Hui;Su, Chen;Yu, HaoEnhancing the inhibition of dental erosion and abrasion with quercetin-encapsulated hollow mesoporous silica nanocompositesBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Engineering, BiomedicalFRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY5.712
84Guo, Qiaojuan;Huang, Wanfang;Xu, Hanchuan;Zhang, Quxia;Chen, Jihong;Zong, Jingfeng;Pan, Jianji;Lin, Shaojun;Zhong, Jing;Li, JingaoSelectively sparing of the supraclavicular area during intensity-modulated radiotherapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A double-center observation studyOncology; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingRADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY5.7192
85Yu, Chuanyu;Liu, Xueyan;Xu, Jiexin;Chen, Yiquan;Dai, Chaoxian;Zha, Daijun;Ma, Bingxiang;Peng, HuapingNovel anti-neuroinflammatory pyranone-carbamate derivatives as selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors for treating Alzheimer's diseaseBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, MedicinalJOURNAL OF ENZYME INHIBITION AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY5.639110.1080/14756366.2024.2313682
86Wang, Zhenna;Xiu, Xiaoyan;Zhong, Liying;Wang, Yi;Fang, Zhuanji;Lin, Shunhe;Huang, HuihuiSignificance of cervical secretion culture in predicting maternal and fetal outcome in pregnant women with premature rupture of membranes: a retrospective cohort studyPharmacology & PharmacyFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY5.615
87Qian, Haitao;Chen, Andi;Lin, Daoyi;Deng, Jianhui;Gao, Fei;Wei, Jianjie;Huang, Yongxin;Cai, Dingliang;Chen, Xiaohui;Zheng, XiaochunActivation of the CD200/CD200R1 axis improves cognitive impairment by enhancing hippocampal neurogenesis<i> via</i> suppression of M1 microglial polarization and neuroinflammation in hypoxic-ischemic neonatal ratsImmunology; Pharmacology & PharmacyINTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY5.6128
88Zheng, Shixiang;Zhou, PiaopiaoUltrastretchable and Tough Poly(ionic liquid) Elastomer with Strain-Stiffening Ability Enabled by Strong/Weak Ionic InteractionsPolymer ScienceMACROMOLECULES5.55752339-2350
89Huang, Weiwei;Wang, Lili;Liu, Jian;Wu, Fan;Chen, Xinhua;Li, Nani;Hong, Yi;Chen, Mulan;Lin, Xiaoyan;Huang, Zhijian;Li, Jieyu;Huang, ChuanzhongFeasibility and tolerability of eribulin-based chemotherapy versus other chemotherapy regimens for patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: a single-centre retrospective studyCell Biology; Developmental BiologyFRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY5.512
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91Song, YingjianInhaled delivery of cetuximab-conjugated immunoliposomes loaded with afatinib: A promising strategy for enhanced non-small cell lung cancer treatmentInstruments & Instrumentation; Medicine, Research & Experimental; Pharmacology & PharmacyDRUG DELIVERY AND TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH5.4

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