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1Zheng, Xiang;Shen, Fangmin;Ren, Wang;Chen, Wenjuan;Tang, ShaoliangIntegrated pretreatment diffusion kurtosis imaging and serum squamous cell carcinoma antigen levels: a biomarker strategy for early assessment of radiotherapy outcomes in cervical cancerRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY2.4

2Yin, Lei;Ren, WangContrast-enhanced CT in the differential diagnosis of bladder cancer and paragangliomaRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY2.4

3Gao, YaliDesign, Synthesis, and Evaluation of 8-(o-Tolyl)quinazoline Derivatives as Small-Molecule PD-1/PD-L1 AntagonistsChemistry, MedicinalACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS4.2154518-523
4Chen, Yuanmei;Weng, Guibin;Shen, Yongshi;Lin, Zhizhong;Xu, YuanjiOptical Nanobiosensor Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Catalytic Hairpin Assembly for Early-Stage Lung Cancer Detection via Blood Circular RNAChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Chemistry, Analytical; Nanoscience & NanotechnologyACS SENSORS8.9

5Lin, Gui-Yang;Zheng, Guan-Ying;Xie, Bao-SongWearable respiratory function detection system based on dynamic humidity sensing: Principle and experimental comparison of lung function detectionPhysics, MultidisciplinaryACTA PHYSICA SINICA173310.7498/aps.73.20231787
6Fang, ZhutingCrucial Breakthrough of BODIPY-Based NIR-II Fluorescent Emitters for Advanced Biomedical TheranosticsChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Chemistry, Physical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Applied; Physics, Condensed MatterADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS19

7He, Shaobin;Lin, Mengting;Zheng, Qionghua;He, Xinjie;Deng, Haohua;Chen, Wei;Zhang, Yin;Xu, Qiuxia;Liang, BoGlucose Oxidase Energized Osmium with Dual-Active Centers and Triple Enzyme Activities for Infected Diabetic Wound ManagementEngineering, Biomedical; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, BiomaterialsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS10

8Li, Ge;Chen, Jiangzhi;Chen, Yanling;Liao, Chengyu;Wang, Zuwei;Zhu, Shuncang;Lai, Jianlin;Chen, Yinhao;Wu, Dihan;Li, Jianbo;Huang, Yi;Tian, Yifeng;Chen, ShiTargeting the MCP-GPX4/HMGB1 Axis for Effectively Triggering Immunogenic Ferroptosis in Pancreatic Ductal AdenocarcinomaChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryADVANCED SCIENCE15.1

9Zhu, Yang;Niu, Xuegang;Ding, Chengyu;Lin, Yuanxiang;Fang, Wenhua;Yan, Lingjun;Tian, Yu;Huang, Wei;Huang, Wen;Kang, DezhiCarrier-Free Self-Assembly Nano-Sonosensitizers for Sonodynamic-Amplified Cuproptosis-Ferroptosis in Glioblastoma TherapyChemistry, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Materials Science, MultidisciplinaryADVANCED SCIENCE15.1

10Quan, YupingCombining High-Density Fat and Condensed Low-Density Fat Injections for Precise Facial RejuvenationSurgeryAESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY2.4

11Quan, YupingType IV Collagen Promotes Adipogenic Differentiation of Adipose Stem CellsSurgeryAESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY2.4

12Tu, RaopingLongitudinal trajectories of disability among Chinese adults: the role of cardiometabolic multimorbidityGeriatrics & GerontologyAGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH436110.1007/s40520-024-02732-8
13Huang, Wen-Jian;Ko, Chih-YuanSystematic review and meta-analysis of nutrient supplements for treating sarcopenia in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseGeriatrics & GerontologyAGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH436110.1007/s40520-024-02722-w
14Yu, Liying;Lin, Na;Zhuang, Haohan;Song, YingfangThe prognosis, chemotherapy and immunotherapy efficacy of the SUMOylation pathway signature and the role of UBA2 in lung adenocarcinomaCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.21654378-4395
15Bai, Junjie;Lu, Qing;Chen, Ru;Liu, Rong;Tong, Shangguan;Ye, Yushi;Lin, Jun;Cai, Weizhong;Chen, Jianhui;Wen, Yahui;Li, Xiaoyan;Kang, DeyongThe clinicopathologic and molecular features, and treatment outcome of fumarate hydratase-deficient renal cell carcinoma: a retrospective comparison with type 2 papillary renal cell carcinomaCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.21643631-3646
16Bai, Junjie;Lu, Qing;Tong, Shangguan;Ye, Yushi;Lin, Jun;Liu, Rong;Cai, Weizhong;Chen, Jianhui;Wen, YahuiDevelopment and validation of a nomogram for predicting the impact of tumor size on cancer-specific survival of locally advanced renal cell carcinoma: a SEER-based studyCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.21643823-3836
17Zhang, Xiao-BinSodium tanshinone IIA sulfonate inhibits tumor growth via miR-138 upregulation in intermittent hypoxia-induced xenograft miceCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.21643231-3240
18Zhu, ShaoxingValidation and identification of anoikis-related lncRNA signatures for improving prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinomaCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.21643915-3933
19Zhang, Zhishan;Huang, Jinyuan;Li, Yingying;Yan, Huimeng;Xie, Junxing;Wang, Jing;Zhao, BinGlobal burden, risk factors, clinicopathological characteristics, molecular biomarkers and outcomes of microsatellite instability-high gastric cancerCell Biology; Geriatrics & GerontologyAGING-US5.2161948-963
20Li, Kun-Hui;Lin, Jie-Min;Luo, Si-Qi;Yang, Yi-Yong;Li, Meng-Meng;Su, Jin-Zi;Xia, Pan-YanAfferent Renal Denervation Attenuates Sympathetic Overactivation From the Paraventricular Nucleus in Spontaneously Hypertensive RatsPeripheral Vascular DiseaseAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION3.2

21Qiu, Liyin;Chen, Shali;Wu, Yiting;Yan, Jianying;Liu, HuiInhibition of the endoplasmic reticulum stress-associated IRE-1 pathway alleviates preterm birthImmunology; Reproductive BiologyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY3.691310.1111/aji.13826
22Guo, HuidongClinical analysis of hairy cell leukemia: the rare indolent hematological malignancyOncology; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalAMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH2.2162466-476
23Zhang, YalanArtificial intelligence in cardiology: a bibliometric studyOncology; Medicine, Research & ExperimentalAMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH2.2163
24Lin, Shujin;Han, Xiao;Li, Ling;Gao, HaibingMicrofluidic platform for omics analysis on single cells with diverse morphology and size: A reviewChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA6.21294
25Xiang, Xinran;Zhang, ShenghangAutomatic Microfluidic Harmonized RAA-CRISPR Diagnostic System for Rapid and Accurate Identification of Bacterial Respiratory Tract InfectionsChemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY7.4

26Mei, Xuqiao;Zeng, Zhenhua;Yang, Huicong;Zheng, Yuanhai;Gao, Haimin;Wu, Chuncai;Zheng, Yanping;Xu, Qiaoli;Wang, Guowei;Xu, Yuhuang;Wu, AyangSandwich-type electrochemical immunosensing of CA125 by using nanoribbon-like Ti3C2Tx MXenes and toluidine blue/UIO-66-NH2Chemistry, AnalyticalANALYTICAL SCIENCES1.6

27Zhang, Jian-hui;Chen, Hui;Ruan, Dan-dan;Chen, Ying;Zhang, Li;Gao, Mei-zhu;Chen, Qian;Yu, Hong-ping;Wu, Jia-yi;Lin, Xin-fu;Fang, Zhu-ting;Zheng, Xiao-ling;Luo, Jie-wei;Liao, Li-sheng;Li, HongAdult type I Gaucher disease with splenectomy caused by a compound heterozygous GBA1 mutation in a Chinese patient: a case reportHematologyANNALS OF HEMATOLOGY3.5

28Wang, Xiangyu;Xue, FangqinThe Key Role of Tumor Budding in Predicting the Status of Lymph Node Involvement in Early Gastric Cancer Patients: A Clinical Multicenter Validation in ChinaOncology; SurgeryANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY3.7

29Zhu, ZhixingSuppressing the Substance P-NK1R Signalling Protects Mice against Sepsis-Associated Acute Inflammatory Injury and Ferroptosis in the Liver and LungsBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, Medicinal; Food Science & TechnologyANTIOXIDANTS713310.3390/antiox13030300
30Xie, Wenhuo;Kong, Chenghua;Zhou, Yu;Luo, Wei;Zheng, JiapingC-reactive protein and cognitive impairment: A bidirectional Mendelian randomization studyGeriatrics & GerontologyARCHIVES OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS4121
31Chen, ShiyanAutomatic quantitative stroke severity assessment based on Chinese clinical named entity recognition with domain-adaptive pre-trained large language modelComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence; Engineering, Biomedical; Medical InformaticsARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE7.5150
32Fu, Xiaoling;Gao, Wenhao;Song, Hongtao;Zhang, Qian;Feng, Xianquan;Liu, ZhihongSynergistic chemotherapy/PTT/oxygen enrichment by multifunctional liposomal polydopamine nanoparticles for rheumatoid arthritis treatmentPharmacology & PharmacyASIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES10.219110.1016/j.ajps.2024.100885
33Zheng, Wenrong;Li, Kualiang;Zhong, Meihua;Zhou, Lele;Chen, Zhou;Wu, Kejun;Liu, LibinMitophagy activation by rapamycin enhances mitochondrial function and cognition in 5xFAD miceBehavioral Sciences; NeurosciencesBEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH2.7463
34Liu, QinAmitriptyline inhibits NLRP3 inflammasome activation via the ASM/CE pathway in a cell model of NAFLDBiologyBIOCELL1.2

35Chen, Danni;Chen, Yushi;Feng, Jianting;Huang, Wenyang;Han, Zeteng;Liu, Yuanyuan;Lin, Qiaofa;Li, Lisheng;Lin, YingyingGuanine nucleotide exchange factor RABGEF1 facilitates TNF-induced necroptosis by targeting cIAP1Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; BiophysicsBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS3.1703
36Jia, Jing;Chen, Qiwei;Hou, Jianbin;Liu, Yan;Xie, Lifeng;Li, Xinyu;Huang, Yisen;Yang, ChunkangDR6 Augments Colorectal Cancer Cell Growth, Invasion, and Stemness by Activating AKT/NF-κB PathwayBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics & HeredityBIOCHEMICAL GENETICS2.4

37Su, Li;Wang, Zeng;Chen, Ruiqing;Chen, Junying18β-glycyrrhetinic acid alleviates radiation-induced skin injury by activating the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathwayBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyBIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY3.7

38Yan, Huimeng;Huang, Jinyuan;Li, Yingying;Zhao, BinSex disparities revealed by single-cell and bulk sequencing and their impacts on the efficacy of immunotherapy in esophageal cancerEndocrinology & Metabolism; Genetics & HeredityBIOLOGY OF SEX DIFFERENCES7.915110.1186/s13293-024-00598-z
39Ye, Jingxuan;Wang, Jianchao;Wu, Zhida;Chen, GangA deep learning model fusion algorithm for the diagnosis of gastric Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphomaEngineering, BiomedicalBIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL5.192
40Zheng, XiaochunWeakly supervised glottis segmentation on endoscopic images with point supervisionEngineering, BiomedicalBIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL5.192
41Chen, Yu-Shi;Li, Li-Sheng;Wu, Lan -QinAnti-necroptosis and anti-ferroptosis compounds from the Deep-Sea-Derived fungus Aspergillus sp. MCCC 3A00392Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, OrganicBIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY5.1144
42Yu, Fengqiang;Yi, Weiqiang;Guan, Maohao;Lin, Nanlong;Zhuo, Yi;Lin, Jianbo;Lai, FancaiLung-specific exosomes for doxorubicin delivery in lung adenocarcinoma therapyBiochemical Research Methods; Biotechnology & Applied MicrobiologyBIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL4.719210.1002/biot.202300296
43Yang, Fan;Chen, Xiangqi;Zheng, Yunfeng;Luo, Qiong;Yang, Sheng;Zhang, SuyunKnockdown of NCAPD3 inhibits the tumorigenesis of non-small cell lung cancer by regulation of the PI3K/Akt pathwayOncologyBMC CANCER3.824110.1186/s12885-024-12131-x
44Fu, Jun;Zheng, Lifang;Tang, Shicuan;Lin, Kongying;Li, Haitao;Zeng, YongyiTumor burden score and carcinoembryonic antigen predict outcomes in patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma following liver resection: a multi-institutional analysisOncologyBMC CANCER3.824110.1186/s12885-024-12091-2
45Kang, Deyong;Wang, Chuan;Han, Zhonghua;Guo, Wenhui;Fu, FangmengExploration of the relationship between tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte score and histological grade in breast cancerOncologyBMC CANCER3.824110.1186/s12885-024-12069-0
46Lin, Xin-fan;Xie, Lin-feng;He, Jian;Xie, Yu-ling;Dai, Xiao-fu;Chen, Liang-wanQuality of life in young patients with acute type a aortic dissection in China: comparison with Marfan syndrome and non-Marfan syndromeCardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsBMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS2.124110.1186/s12872-024-03740-2
47Weng, ZhichengEfficacy of transcatheter arterial embolization in treating nonvariceal gastric remnant bleeding: a retrospective 5-year studyGastroenterology & HepatologyBMC GASTROENTEROLOGY2.424110.1186/s12876-024-03179-x
48Xie, LihuaA high heterozygosity genome assembly of Aedes albopictus enables the discovery of the association of PGANT3 with blood-feeding behaviorBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Genetics & HeredityBMC GENOMICS4.425110.1186/s12864-024-10133-4
49Gu, Xi;Chen, ZhifengIdentification of common stria vascularis cellular alteration in sensorineural hearing loss based on ScRNA-seqBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Genetics & HeredityBMC GENOMICS4.425110.1186/s12864-024-10122-7
50Yu, Yushuai;Huang, Kaiyan;Yu, Xin;Song, Chuangui;Liu, Yushan;Chen, RuiliangAdjuvant chemotherapy and survival in males aged 70 years or older with breast cancer: a population-based retrospective studyGeriatrics & Gerontology; GerontologyBMC GERIATRICS4.124110.1186/s12877-024-04861-1
51Zhang, FangfangPredictive value of cyst/tumor volume ratio of pituitary adenoma for tumor cell proliferationRadiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical ImagingBMC MEDICAL IMAGING2.724110.1186/s12880-024-01246-z
52Zhang, Qi-Liang;Chen, Xiu-Hua;Zhou, Si-Jia;Lei, Yu-Qing;Chen, Qiang;Cao, HuaRelationship between heart failure and intestinal inflammation in infants with congenital heart diseaseMicrobiologyBMC MICROBIOLOGY4.224110.1186/s12866-024-03229-0
53You, Xiaoxuan;Lin, Shufeng;Zhang, Zefeng;Guo, Huiyang;Ye, HuiIdentification of key genes and immune infiltration in osteoarthritis through analysis of zinc metabolism-related genesOrthopedics; RheumatologyBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS2.325110.1186/s12891-024-07347-8
54Guo, QiAssociation of the combination of obstructive sleep apnea risk and sleep duration with ideal cardiovascular health metrics in patients undergoing hemodialysisUrology & NephrologyBMC NEPHROLOGY2.325110.1186/s12882-024-03517-x
55Lin, Xuemei;Zou, Luning;Fu, Weihao;Lv, HongbingEffect of graphene oxide/ poly-L-lactic acid composite scaffold on the biological properties of human dental pulp stem cellsDentistry, Oral Surgery & MedicineBMC ORAL HEALTH2.924110.1186/s12903-024-04197-7
56Lin, Kaijin;Wang, Siyi;Xu, Xiaofeng;Zheng, Minqian;Yang, Jin;Guo, Jianbin;Yu, Lu;Pan, RuiAssessment of the correlation between supracrestal gingival tissue dimensions and other periodontal phenotypes components via the digital registration method: a cross-sectional study in a Chinese populationDentistry, Oral Surgery & MedicineBMC ORAL HEALTH2.924110.1186/s12903-024-04158-0
57Zhang, Zonghao;Lu, Bingling;Zou, Luning;Huang, Xinhui;Yang, Fan;Lv, HongbingDecellularized human amniotic membrane scaffolds: influence on the biological behavior of dental pulp stem cellsDentistry, Oral Surgery & MedicineBMC ORAL HEALTH2.924110.1186/s12903-024-04130-y
58Lei, Qun;Lin, Dong;Huang, Wenxiu;Wu, Dong;Liu, Yuyu;Lin, KaijinClinical and electromyographic signals analysis about the effect of space-adjustment splint on overerupted maxillary molarsDentistry, Oral Surgery & MedicineBMC ORAL HEALTH2.924110.1186/s12903-024-04039-6
59Lyu, GuorongExploring the diagnostic value of ultrasound radiomics for neonatal respiratory distress syndromePediatricsBMC PEDIATRICS2.424110.1186/s12887-024-04704-3
60Xie, Ying-Ling;Lai, Shu-Hua;Liu, Su-Jia;Xiu, Wen-LongRisk factors of necrotizing enterocolitis in twin preterm infantsPediatricsBMC PEDIATRICS2.424110.1186/s12887-024-04701-6
61Wang, JingjingGut microbiota profiling in obese children from Southeastern ChinaPediatricsBMC PEDIATRICS2.424110.1186/s12887-024-04668-4
62Zhao, Bing-Yue;Cheng, Xiao;Chen, Ting-Ting;Li, Si-Jia;Wang, Xiao-Juan;Huang, Shui-Xiu;Hu, Rong-Fang;Li, HongDigital health literacy and associated factors among internet users from China: a cross-sectional studyPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH4.524110.1186/s12889-024-18324-0
63Zhu, Yanzhou;Wang, ZhigangAssociation between joint physical activity and healthy dietary patterns and hypertension in US adults: cross-sectional NHANES studyPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH4.524110.1186/s12889-024-18346-8
64Fu, Rong;Huang, Zhi;Lin, Yulan;Tang, Xuwei;Hu, Zhijian;Zheng, ZhenquanTemporal-spatial distribution characteristics and associated socioeconomic factors of visiting frequency for rural patients with hypertension in Fujian Province, Southeast ChinaPublic, Environmental & Occupational HealthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH4.524110.1186/s12889-024-18113-9
65Chen, Qiao;Li, Deyu;Zhang, Guifeng;Zhong, Jiangming;Lin, Li;Liu, ZhenhuaAn immune-related adverse event of Behcet's-like syndrome following pembrolizumab treatmentRespiratory SystemBMC PULMONARY MEDICINE3.124110.1186/s12890-024-02986-y
66Liu, WeiThe role of Neutrophil counts, infections and Smoking in mediating the Effect of Bronchiectasis on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: a mendelian randomization studyRespiratory SystemBMC PULMONARY MEDICINE3.124110.1186/s12890-024-02962-6
67Lin, HanqingThe value of multimodal treatment in anaplastic thyroid cancer patients with distant metastasisSurgeryBMC SURGERY1.924110.1186/s12893-024-02375-6
68Chen, Jianglong;Kang, Yingquan;Lin, Shan;He, Shaohua;He, Yufeng;Xu, Xinru;Xu, Huihuang;You, Guangxu;Xu, DiSingle-port plus one in pediatric robotic-assisted Lich-Gregoir ureteral reimplantation for vesicoureteral reflux, a comparative analysis with short-term outcomesUrology & NephrologyBMC UROLOGY224110.1186/s12894-024-01467-y
69Zhu, Suqin;Jiang, Wenwen;Liao, Xiuhua;Sun, Yan;Chen, Xiaojing;Zheng, BeihongEffect of diminished ovarian reserve on the outcome of fresh embryo transfer in IVF/ICSI cycles among young women: A retrospective cohort studyPublic, Environmental & Occupational Health; Obstetrics & GynecologyBMC WOMENS HEALTH2.524110.1186/s12905-024-03039-6
70Wong, Li Ping;Lin, Yulan;Hu, ZhijianHas Zika been forgotten? A qualitative exploration of knowledge gaps, perceived risk and preventive practices in pregnant women in MalaysiaPublic, Environmental & Occupational Health; Obstetrics & GynecologyBMC WOMENS HEALTH2.524110.1186/s12905-024-02999-z
71Chen, Maohui;Huang, Yizhou;Zhang, Shuliang;Zheng, Yixiong;Zeng, Taidui;Chen, Chun;Zheng, BinCamrelizumab in combination with chemotherapy versus concurrent chemoradiotherapy for the conversion of locally advanced unresectable oesophageal squamous carcinoma: protocol for a two-arm, open-label phase II trialMedicine, General & InternalBMJ OPEN2.914210.1136/bmjopen-2023-075421
72Zhang, Qi-Jie;Lin, Jie;Wang, You-Liang;Chen, Long;Ding, Ying;Zheng, Fu-Ze;Song, Huan-Huan;Lv, Ao-Wei;Guo, Qi-Fu;Lin, Min-Ting;Hu, Wei;Xu, Liu-Qing;Zhao, Wen-Long;Fang, Ling;Chen, Wan-Jin;Wang, Zhi-Qiang;Wang, Ning;Fu, Ying;Fu, Zhi-FeiDetection of pTDP-43 via routine muscle biopsy: A promising diagnostic biomarker for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisClinical Neurology; Neurosciences; PathologyBRAIN PATHOLOGY6.4

73Xiao, Zumu;Huang, Shengxuan;Yang, BinglinEphB3 receptor suppressor invasion, migration and proliferation in glioma by inhibiting EGFR-PI3K/AKT signaling pathwayNeurosciencesBRAIN RESEARCH2.91830
74Pei, Meng-Qin;Xu, Li -Ming;Yang, Yu -Shen;Chen, Wei -Can;Chen, Xin-Li;Fang, Yu -Ming;He, He-Fan;Lin, ShuLatest advances and clinical application prospects of resveratrol therapy for neurocognitive disordersNeurosciencesBRAIN RESEARCH2.91830
75Hou, YutongMetabarcode insights into the airborne fungal diversity in the indoor and outdoor environments in archives from Yunnan, Southwestern ChinaMicrobiologyBRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY2.2

76Zheng, ChaohuiCharacterization of the biological and transcriptomic landscapes of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in patients with multiple myelomaOncologyCANCER CELL INTERNATIONAL5.824110.1186/s12935-024-03308-2
77Zhuang, Wu;Ye, FengUpdated overall survival and circulating tumor DNA analysis of ensartinib for crizotinib-refractory ALK-positive NSCLC from a phase II studyOncologyCANCER COMMUNICATIONS16.2

78Wu, Chunlan;Wan, Luying;Xie, Xianhe;Ke, YujunEfficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors differs in various status of carcinoma: a study based on 29 cohorts with 3255 participantsOncology; ImmunologyCANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY5.873510.1007/s00262-024-03663-z
79Chen, Qiuhong;Weng, Yunqin;Huang, Feifei;Wang, Fangfang;Yang, XiaoyanFear of Recurrence Among Lung Cancer SurvivorsOncology; NursingCANCER NURSING2.6

80Li, YongkunA low bleeding risk thrombolytic agent: citPA5Cardiac & Cardiovascular SystemsCARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH10.8

81Liu, Junhui;Wang, Huaicheng;Liu, Qinyu;Long, Shushu;Wu, Yanfang;Wang, Nengying;Lin, Wei;Chen, Gang;Lin, Miao;Wen, JunpingKlotho exerts protection in chronic kidney disease associated with regulating inflammatory response and lipid metabolismBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyCELL AND BIOSCIENCE7.514110.1186/s13578-024-01226-4
82Chen, LinyingTargeting RCC1 to block the human soft-tissue sarcoma by disrupting nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking of Skp2Cell BiologyCELL DEATH & DISEASE915410.1038/s41419-024-06629-2
83Lin, Xiao-LuHypoxia and low-glucose environments co-induced HGDILnc1 promote glycolysis and angiogenesisCell BiologyCELL DEATH DISCOVERY710110.1038/s41420-024-01903-w
84Cai, Huimei;Wu, Zhou;Li, ChenhuilncRNA RMST is associated with the progression and prognosis of gastric cancer via miR-204-5pCell BiologyCELL DIVISION2.319110.1186/s13008-024-00117-x
85Lu, Danping;Zhi, Yiqiang;Shi, Yan;Xu, Dan;Zhang, Tongtong;Su, Huizhen;Lin, Xiang;Lin, Jingjing;Hong, Chaoyin;Chen, Wanjin;Wang, Ning;Fu, ZhifeiESCRT-I protein UBAP1 controls ventricular expansion and cortical neurogenesis via modulating adherens junctions of radial glial cellsCell BiologyCELL REPORTS8.843310.1016/j.celrep.2024.113818
86Ke, Nantian;Zheng, Yue;Zhuang, Wanzhen;Zhang, Yi;Tu, Mingshu;Chen, Jianlin;Huang, YiArtesunate-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles resist esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by inducing Ferroptosis through inhibiting the AKT/ mTOR signalingCell BiologyCELLULAR SIGNALLING4.8117
87Liu, Xia;Liu, Xia-Hua;Chen, Xin-Yuan;Wang, Shi-Zhong;Zhang, Lin;Li, Meng-Cheng;Xia, Xiao-Yue;Huang, Zi-Qiang;Chen, Na-Ping;Tu, Yu-Qing;Hu, Jian-Ping;Chen, Qun-Lin;Xu, Hao-Lin;Sikandar, Arif;Gan, Shi-RuiEffect of Regional Brain Activity Following Repeat Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in SCA3: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical TrialNeurosciencesCEREBELLUM3.5

88Yan, ShizhenAltered resting-state brain function in endurance athletesNeurosciencesCEREBRAL CORTEX3.734310.1093/cercor/bhae076
89Dong, Qiu-Yi;Cao, Yun-Bin;Huang, Hui-Wei;Chen, Hua-Jun;Li, DanMetabolic disorder and functional disturbance in the central executive network in minimal hepatic encephalopathyNeurosciencesCEREBRAL CORTEX3.734210.1093/cercor/bhae036
90Peng, Kaiming;Weng, Youliang;Chen, YuanmeiLC-MS/MS-assisted label-free SERS blood analysis by self-position plasmonic platform for tumor screeningEngineering, Environmental; Engineering, ChemicalCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL15.1483
91Wang, Changsheng;Chen, Rongsheng;Zhu, Xitian;Zhang, Xiaobo;Zhu, YimicroRNA-143 targets SIRT2 to mediate the histone acetylation of PLAUR and modulates functions of astrocytes in spinal cord injuryBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; ToxicologyCHEMICO-BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS5.1390
92He, Qiu;Lin, Fu-xin;Su, Jin-ye;Zhuo, Ling-yun;Fang, Wen-hua;Wang, Fang-yu;Lin, Yuan-xiang;Wang, Deng-liang;Kang, De-zhiNaoxueshu Oral Liquid Accelerates Post-Craniotomy Hematoma Absorption in Patients: An Open-Label, Multicenter, and Randomized Controlled TrialIntegrative & Complementary MedicineCHINESE JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE2.9

93Qian, ZhirongEffects of traditional Chinese medicine on treatment outcomes in severe COVID-19 patients: a single-centre studyIntegrative & Complementary Medicine; Pharmacology & PharmacyCHINESE JOURNAL OF NATURAL MEDICINES4.622189-96
94Wang, Xianlong;Lin, Jincheng;Zeng, Qiuhong;Chen, Huadong;Xu, Dapeng;Chen, Wen;Xu, Moping;Zhang, EnMulti-omics analysis of adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas reveals distinct molecular subgroups with prognostic and treatment response significanceMedicine, General & InternalCHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL6.11377859-870
95Zheng, Rong;Xu, BenhuaImpact of chrono-radiotherapy on the prognosis and treatment-related toxicity in patients with locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A multicenter propensity-matched studyBiology; PhysiologyCHRONOBIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL2.8

96Wang, Shenglan;Huang, Chunhong;Zheng, Yanbin;Zhong, YutongNPAS2, transcriptionally activated by ARRB1, promotes the malignant behaviours of lung adenocarcinoma cells and regulates the reprogramming of glucose metabolismPharmacology & Pharmacy; PhysiologyCLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY2.951510.1111/1440-1681.13860
97Chen, Z.;Dai, Y.;Lai, Y.;Gao, F.;Wu, Y.Exploring the XIST axis as oxidative stress-related signatures in systemic lupus erythematosusRheumatologyCLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY3.7421145-156
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