Foreign Medical Retrieval Service
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Usage Instruction:

1.You can login the homepage with the public account number or a personal account number, but login with IP is not available, please don't click the IP Login.

2.The Maximum submission of the whole school per day is 500; the amount submission of the public account number is 5 articles for each mailbox and the article you apply for will be sent to the mailbox within 3 days, please search the article you want in other databases before submission, and do not submit it arbitrarily, lest waste the submission amount and affect others' application.

3. An account on the same day for the same issue can not be more than 3 articles; otherwise it will be considered as a malicious download, will not be processed.

4.The reader who need to increase the amount of full-text submissions,please visit services are only for our school's legitimate readers. Please don't apply and submit at random. Thank you for your cooperation.

Resource Introduction:

Foreign Medical Retrieval Service(FMRS) is a one-stop search service platform, which is convenient for our country. All data resources of the platform are based on the free and open Pubmed resources, OA resources and other free resources, and has integrated the network heterogeneous data effectively, its function has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. The majority of domestic doctors and scientific researchers are loyal users of the platform and give praise.