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Resource Introduction:

    Springer was founded in 1842 in Berlin, Germany. It is the world's largest science and technology book publishing company and the second publishing company of science and technology periodicals. In 2012, more than 8000 kinds of scientific books and about 2, 200 kinds of scientific journals were published. Springer pays attention to the content level of publications, the professionalism and service quality of publishers. Focusing on publishing and serving science is a consistent rule and goal of Springer. Up to now, a total of 213 Nobel winners have published their monographs or published articles in Springer, and about 50 Fields prize winners publish their monograph in the mathematics, and 70% Turing prizes choose to publish a monograph or publish a periodical article in the Springer. Among them, SLCC (SpringerLink ChinaConsortium's abbreviation, the largest foreign database purchasing group in China) group contains more than 1500 Springer quality periodicals, and more than 50% are included in SCI and SSCI. Some periodicals have a higher ranking in related 11 disciplines, covering natural science, technology, engineering, medicine, law, behavioral science, economics, biology and medicine.