Circulation Rules
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Booking Lending Regulations

1.Please show you library card when you check out or returning book in the circulation desk.

2.Loan period and number of item.


Total Number of Items

Loan Period(month)

Number of Renewal

Undergraduate Students


1 month


Postgraduate Students


2 month


Staff and Faculty


4 month


3.The readers in other schools coming for literature resource sharing may borrow a maxium of 2 library items together, may be borrowed for a period of 1 month.

4.An overdue fine is imposed on each loan item and accompanying library material returned late. The charge is CNY0.10 Yuan per item per day or part of a day for each loan item. The book borrow at the end of the term may be returning within two weeks in the next term.

5.Please put the book on the empty shelves or on the reading desk after reading , the staff of the library will re-shelves the books.

6.Readers may reserve a book when the book for borrowing is not available on the shelf, the reader making the reservation is required to borrow the book within one week, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

7.In any special circumstances, the library has the right to call back books that have been borrowed.


Periodicals Circulation Regulations

1. The periodicals(current issue/ back issue) of the university campus is not to be checked out, can only be read in the library.

2. The periodicals(current issue/ back issue) of the Taijiang campus is not to be checked out, can be only be accessed by teachers(including postgraduates) and the readers holding the general reading cards. The readers must resister in the service desk, and then enter. Those who need Photocopying can take temporary loan at the service desk and return them on duty.


Compensation Rules of Books and Periodicals

1. According the related regulations on management of fixed assets, library paper books, periodicals, and other carriers of literature are all belong to the state-owned fixed assets of the school. If any library material borrowed is lost or damaged, the borrow shall compensate .

2. If any library material (books or parts of the multi-volume books) borrowed is lost or damaged, the borrow shall pay 10-20 times the price or be required to buy a same one for compensate.

3. If any periodicals is lost, and is unable to get the same volume of it, the borrow shall pay the price of the all year current issues, and pay 5-20 times the price of bound volume of back issues plus the binding fee.

4. If the books and periodicals are damaged by tear, stains, ring or the bar code damaged that can not be recognized by the equipment, the borrow shall pay 20% to 20 times the price according the value  and the damaged condition, For serious cases, the borrow will be criticized in a circulated notice in addition to be fine.


Penalty Rules of Stealing Books and Periodicals

1. The following behaviors may be punished as stealing books

(1) Carrying books out of the library without the borrowing formalities.

(2) Borrowing books with another person's library card by theft or picked up.

(3) All of fraud in the lending books.

2. As punishment for the stealing books and periodicals, once verified, the stealing books and periodicals will be recover and will be fine 10-100 times of the price, in addition, the borrow will be criticized in a circulated notice. For serious cases, the borrow will be submit to the related department to give serious treatment.