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Resource Introduction:

The NewEngland Journal of Mecine(NEJM) is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by Massachusetts Medical Society. It is the most popular and a widely read peer-reviewed medical journal in the world.

      NEJM is a weekly of general practice, publishing a series of new achievements, review articles and editorial of medical research, which is significance to biomedical science and clinical practice. The resources focus on professional subcategories such as internal medicine, allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, nephrology, oncology, lung disease, rheumatology, HIV and infectious disease. NEJM is one of the world's top medical journals ranked by impact factor, the journal's impact factor is 54.42(2013), the highest among general medical journals. The school readers can browse and download the full text of the journal through Journals@ovid, which can traced back to 1990.