Dissertation Integrated Discovery System
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Resource Introduction:

    DDS mainly includes excellent Doctor and Master thesis from more than 1200 well-know universities in European and American, of which 70% are world-famous universities outside the US. DDS involves more than 280,000 instructors and 23000 majors, It covers 13 major disciplines, including science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, economic, law, education, literature, history, philosophy, army and art, is the important information resource in academic research.

    In the search results, DDS was able to discover a paper similar to the topic of this paper: N articles, and also be able to discover the number of papers the tutor directed: N articles, discovered the tutor's students: N people, and list the student Names; discovered N degree papers of this university, and discovered that there are N articles on this professional direction. This is based on the Fine-scale, indexing and digging deep of the fields of each dissertation, thereby to find that the exist of social relationship and relationship of subject knowledge is facilitated the readers making use of the resource.

   DDS is a full-text database, which provides full-text download or document mirroring address transmission through the network mirroring technology to ensure 100% full-text mirroring services.

    Resource Type: Dissertation; Discipline: Comprehensive; Language: English; Time of collection: 1998 to date.