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Resource Introduction:

     There are 377 e-journals,80% of which has been included by SCI, SSCI, and AHCI, involving six special subjectmedicine, life sciences, mathematics and physics, law,social sciences, and humanitiesof which many academic journals and articles with high global citation rates.

Medical sub-database:

      Includes over 95 high-impact journals, which covering a wide range of subject areas including Oncology, Cardiology, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Reproductives, Rheumatology, Epidemiology, Anesthesiology, Public Health,Occupational Diseases, Nephrology, Radiology, Nervous System/Neurology,Gerontology, Pediatrics, Toxicology, Forensic Medicine and many other disciplines

Life Science sub-database:

      With 62 journals, many of the high-impact journals in this database are at the forefront of scientific research, from the rapidly evolving molecular and computational biology to botany, marine biology, behavioral ecology, biophysics, and biochemistry. Among them, Bioinformatics, Journal of Petrology, Systematic Biology, and Tree Physiology are among the top three publications, while Molecular Biology and Evolution, Journal of Experimental Botany, and Toxicological Sciences are among the most indispensable resources for domestic scholars

Social Science sub-database:

      With 69 journals, the magazine contains many outstanding journals ranging from economics, business history and global development to religion, social politicsand law. Among them, political science and economics are particularly well-known, such as Political Analysis ranking first in political science; Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory ranking second in public administration; and The World Bank Economic Review, European Review of Agricultural Economics. The Journal of Economic Geography andThe Review of Financial Studies are among the top five most important publications in the field of economics.

Humanities sub-database:

      With 74 periodicals, the library integrates publications in history, literature, religion, philosophy, arts, linguistics, and music, providing a valuable resource for libraries. Notes and Queries was founded in 1849 and is the earliest academic publication of Oxford Publishing; Applied Linguistics and ELT Journal are also among the world's most published and used English language teaching publications; in terms of art journals, Oxford from art criticism, There are authoritative journals in fields such as music, opera, and design, such as Early Music, Oxford Art Journal, etc.

Mathematics and physics sub-database:

      35 journals are included, and the sub-database covers everything from pure mathematics to applied mathematics, and radiation science. Journals on applied mathematics include more specialized fields such as statistics, mathematical physics, mathematical management, mathematical medicine, and computer science. Biostatistics ranks second and fourth in statistics and probability, mathematics and computational biology. IMA's series of journals and the London Mathematical Society's journals are well-known and used by scholars around the world.

Law sub-database:

      With 42 journals, the Law sub-database provides important information resources for judicial consultation and research, especially in international law, such as international journals such as the European Journal of International Law and Journal of International Economic Law. At the same time, business law also considers the relationship and interaction between commercial law and trade and economics. The database is both academic and suitable for practitioners, including some important professional fields such as forensic science and environmental law, criminology, intellectual property law, and policy development.