BIOSIS Previews
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Resource Introduction:

  The BIOSIS Previews have extensively collected information related to life sciences and biomedicine, covering subjects of life science research such as biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, zoology, agriculture, etc.More than 5,500 life science journals and 1,500 non-periodical articles about academic conferences, seminars, review articles, US patents, books, and software reviews in more than 100 countries has been covered,and about 280,000 records each year were added.The corresponding publications are "Biological Abstracts", "Biological Abstracts - Review, Reports, Conferences" and "Biological Research Index."

Time frame: 1994-

Document Type: Abstract

Subject/Discipline Scope: Life Sciences

BIOSIS Previews include:

Traditional Biology (Molecular Biology, Botany, Ecology and Environmental Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine, and Zoology)

    ◆ Interdisciplinary research topics (Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Experimental Clinical Veterinary Pharmacy, Genetics, Nutrition, and Public Health)