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Resource Introduction:

MeTeL has now collected more than 300 famous universities abroad (including 80% of the top 50 institutions in QS), more than 30,000 courses taught by more than 26,000 teachers or teaching teams, more than 300,000 class, and more than 1.3 million teaching resources; Covers 13 university subjects, 100 first-level disciplines, and 300 second-level disciplines, covering computer science and technology, mathematics, economics, biology, chemistry, law, management, physics, medicine, psychology, agronomy, literature, etc. Each course includes course introduction, course information, curriculum, syllabus, reference materials, teacher, etc. Each lesson may include lectures, courseware, audio, video, instructional pictures, teaching cases, reading materials, assignments, exercises. Answers, examination papers and other types of resources; some sessions are independent seminars (Seminar), experimental internships, out visits, lectures, seminars, etc.; individual classes will have relevant program code, data and other resources. It is a Complete and authentic reproduction of classroom teaching process and human-oriented concept in advanced foreign universities.

MeTeL is suitable for self-learning (eLearning) of postgraduates, undergraduates, and international students in colleges and universities, and the self-study process can be managed. At the same time, it provides reference materials for college e-learning (eTeaching), and scarce courses can be customized. The textbook center also provided information on the bibliographic version of the 100,000 original English textbooks and the location of the collection in the country. The template of the course, which guides all the courses offered by 30 famous universities worldwide, covers a total of 160,000 courses of related information.