Ureader Digital Library
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Resource Introduction:

Ureader Foreign Digital Library, relying on major publishing groups and integrators in Europe and the United States, including Baker & Taylor Group, OverDrive Group, Lybrary.com Corporation, MIT Press and other companies and organizations, strive to create high-end Professional books and journals, covering more than five thousand publications in Europe and America, including scientific research (Science), industrial technology (Technology), medicine and health (Medicine), and economic management (Economics). with rich in reserves, the latest statistic shows there are more than 500,000 kinds of Professional books and journals, which covering a wide range, and Updated in a timely manner. At the same time, Ureader Digital Library System is the country’s leading literature search and reading public service platform for universities and research institutes.

Key Features:

1.The original book information in foreign languages is updated in real time synchronized with the European and American markets;

2.It has obvious advantages in such fields as scientific research, industrial technology, medicine and health, and economic management;

3.Supporting remote reading, mirror installation and other reading modes.

Advantages of the Ureader platform

1.Simulation high-definition reading, online translation, personality tag

2.Read online without installing any software or plug-ins

3.Supporting various types of compound search, cross-book full-text search and quick navigation.