Hai Liang Foreign Digital Books
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Resource Introduction:

The digital image search system is a database search system developed by Beijing Century Digital Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights. It is a huge information source composed of massive Chinese and foreign literature metadata and thousands of Chinese and foreign famous paintings. Accurate searches were conducted on millions of Chinese documents and dozens of thousands of foreign documents. All Chinese e-book metadata databases were classified according to the Chinese National Library Classification. All foreign language e-books were in strict accordance with the Library of Congress. The taxonomy classifies two subjects, covering linguistics and literature, historiography (including history and related sciences, history of countries around the world), philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, politics, law, education, agriculture, science and technology, There are dozens of major categories such as environmental protection. All foreign books are in PDF format, which can be copied, pasted, and printed. The space is small, the images are clear, and there are no copy restrictions. Based on the data of hundreds of millions of pages of Chinese and foreign languages, readers are provided with in-depth chapters of the book content and full-text search, part of the literature test Reading, reference and other functions.