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Resource Introduction:

Beijing WeiSiBoWen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the introduction, integration, and sales of excellent publishing resources from abroad. Since its establishment in 2007, it has always been adhering to the development philosophy of make progress with customers and growth with employees. Abundant foreign high-quality publishing resources provide the most timely and effective information services for many domestic universities, and they are committed to becoming the first-class digital resource service providers in China.

WISEBOOK foreign language book platform organizes a professional foreign language e-book database formed by combinating the CYBERREAD and OVERDRIVE Group's e-book features and LYBRARY.COM platform's rich foreign language e-books, mainly serving academic researchers, experts, scholars and universities students, etc. It is an important reference tools for libraries and research institutes.

WISEBOOK Product and Service Features:

WISEBOOK have an abundant varieties of books and a comprehensive coverage of subject. It focuses on the collection of STM (Science & Technology & Medicine) direction and has absolute leading advantages in science, technology, engineering, medicine, finance and other professional disciplines. Diversified and diverse subjects are included, including reference books, academic monographs, and research-oriented topics. With fast update and variety of new books.More than 60% are new books that published in recent years and are continuously updated at more than 50,000 kinds each year. The purchase method is flexible and can support various methods such as local retail download purchase and group user database purchase.

WISEBOOK Technical Features:

1. The retrieval system is close to the user's needs. Full-text search can be performed between all e-books, and advanced search and exact matching can also be performed according to keywords, authors, publishers, subjects, and categories.

2. Supports rich editing functions such as screenshots, text copying, automatic page turning, and highlighting, providing you with convenient learning and research.

3personal bookmarks: When reading locally, you can visit the specific page numbers and chapters you have marked, or you can browse your personal bookmarks.

4simulation page, single and double page switch: analog paper book reading, so that your reading experience will not have any discomfort.

5green reading: You can click on the book to read directly without downloading any reader.

6WISEBOOK e-books for vector text, with print-level definition. The reading process can be arbitrarily enlarged and the sharpness is always kept high-definition.

7. All WISEBOOK e-books can be printed directly online.

8. WISEBOOK provides Chinese and English interface switching, online translation and other functions, to help you access the word explanation.