Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews
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Resource Introduction:

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews Database collects important literature of Evidenc-Based Medicine, which provide for clinicians and researchers. As the basis of clinical decision and clinical research, the database has been widely used, it can save a lot of time in reading a large number of medical literature reports. It mainly comes from four database:

Best Evidence Full Text:

Including ACP Journal Club (published by the American College of Physicians,) and Evidence-Based Medicine (published jointly by the ACP and British Medical Journal Group), which filter at least 50 cores Journals per month , searching for the best original and commentary articles, structured collating abstracts, reviews, and summaries of important medical evidence.  

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Full Text:

Published for the Cochrane Collaboration, an international network organization composed of individuals and institutions, which specializes in systematic reserve, maintenance, delivery of thematic reviews that affect health care related businesses. He systematically studied hundreds of journal articles and specialized in systematic reviews.

DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness)

Full-text database containing critical articles for National Health Services’ Centre Reviews and Published by the Dissemination (NHS CRD) organization, the organization collects systematic reviews from selected medical journals that have been selected for academic value. The collection name DARE. 

CCTR (Cochrane Controlled Trials Register) Full Text:

Contains more than 300,000 references for control of health care experimental samples. The Cochrane groups and their organizational groups have registered the random samples retrieved by Medline and EMBASE for CCTR.