The Inform About Activities of “The 5th Digital Resource Month” in the Library
Release date:2018-09-27  Browse times:40

In order to improve the understanding of digital resources in our school library, popularizing the using methods and skills of electronic resources such as electronic books, electronic periodicalsvideos and others, improving the utilization rate of digital resources, promoting the development of our school, the 5th Digital Resource Month will be held in the library. The schedule is arranged as follows.


1.The 5th Digital Resource Day

Time: Oct 16th2018

Venue: In Front of East Residential Dining Hall in the New Campus

Prizes: Notebook, Water Bottle, Etc


2The Digital Recourse Training Month- Data Base

Time : Oct 16th to Oct 31th 2018 -10/31/18

Venue:In the Multimedia Reading Room on the second floor in the Library of the New Campus


3The 1st Online Poem Competition and Offline Calligraphy Workshop

Online Poem Competition: Sep24th 09:00am—Sep 31th 21:00pm

Offline Calligraphy WorkshopOct 11th 09:00am—Oct 14th 17:00pm

Prizes: Souvenir, Etc

All of teachers, doctors and staffs are welcomed to focus on the information of library and participate in our activities actively. We will try our best to provide the literature and information service !