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About FJMU Library

Fujian Medical University Library was founded in 1937. After eight decades of accumulation of humanities and history, and with the construction and development of the school, the library continuously improved the infrastructure construction and service work. The modern medical literature are unique and have been developed into a Modern library service for our school’s teaching, research and medical treatment services. Currently, the administration of the library is divided into four section: the office; acquisitions and cataloging department; circulation and reading department; technology service department; reference and advisory department; reference and Medical literature retrieval teaching and research, The editorial department of the university journal is affiliated with the library and is responsible for editing and publishing the Journal of Fujian Medical University and Journal of Fujian Medical University (Social Science Edition). The library currently has 30 regular employees, of whom 10% are party and government personnel, and 90% are business staff; 3 persons hold senior titles, 13 persons hold intermediate titles, 14 persons are below junior level; of whom 12 were master's degree, 12 were undergraduates degree, 6 were college degree or below, More than 80% has college degree.

       The school library is composed of three parts of the library, the Shangjie campus library, the Taijiang campus library, the four affiliated hospitals (the Affiliated Union Hospital, the Affiliated First Hospital, the Affiliated Second Hospital, the affiliated Oral Hospital), with a total building area of 26.65 million square meters. By the end of December 31, 2017, There are totally 130.28 million volumes paper books, 2951808 kinds of electronic books, and 187482 kinds of digital books. By the end of December 31, 2017, the library have formally purchased (including self built)67 databases( According to the new regulations of the ministry of education in 2017: each sub library is considered as a database.), which including 41 Chinese databases such as CNKI, Wan Fang, VIP, etc., and including 26 foreign language database such as OVID platform LWW full text periodicals, EBMR, BP, FMRS, Oxford, Hai Liang Foreign Digital Books. The data storage capacity is nearly 60T. In April 1991, the school-based library was designated as the Provincial Central Library of the National Medical Library's literature resources sharing network system by the education department of the national ministry of health.

The library provides printed and digitized document information services for readers of the whole school (including readers of affiliated hospitals). All digital resources are open for 24 hours on the Internet, providing books and periodicals lending, literature copying, remote transmission, retrieval and reference, and other services, such as medical literature retrieval teaching, editing, publishing and issuing of journals. The library is now using the Melinets library management system developed by Beijing Chuang Xun future software technology Co., Ltd., which carry out the automation management of paper books, including book’s cataloguing, circulation and other operation process. The automation management of the two campus libraries is connected to the interconnected operation, and the two campus library have realized interlibrary lending and returning service. In recent years, for the convenience of readers, the library added the mobile library application and improve the OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue, open public inquiry directory) and other related functions, improve the efficiency of library management and service.

Every year, libraries actively carry out campus cultural activities with the theme of "reading promotion and entrance education for freshmen ". In the first half of the year, "Reading Month activities" was carried out on the background of " 4·23 World Book Day". In the second half of the year, in order to promote the library’s literature resources, the library mainly carry out the "digital resource day" "entrance education for freshmen" "training for new teacher" "one-hour lecture for freshmen " and so on a series of activities.

The library highly valued the scientific research activities. In 2014, a total of 6 research projects were approved by the Fujian provincial education department, including 4 key projects, 4 general items, and all of were completed in 2016, and the paper by Ye Xiuming " Investigation and Enlightenment of Copyright Services in American University Libraries", Chen Lianfang’s "Library Users’ Small Data Collection, Analysis and Application in Big Data Environment", and Lin Baoming's "Research on Integrating Characteristic Database Resources with Sharing Platform - Taking University Library of Fuzhou University as an Example " has been selected as excellent papers. In 2017, the three items of "The Third Batch of Documentation and Information Resources Sharing and Services Research Project in the New Campus of Fuzhou Area" declared by our library were awarded Class A research projects of the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, one of which were key projects, and two of which were general items. Chen Lianfang’s project " Research on Date Service of the Medical Science of University Library " was commissioned byFujian Provincial Department of Education. he library also encourages and supports its employees to participate in continuing education to improve overall service quality and standards.

Under the leadership of the school party committee and the school administration, the library conscientiously implements the aims of serving for the school’s teaching, scientific research, and medical treatment. and determined to reform, lays a solid foundation, work creatively to pushes forward all work to fight for become the medical literature resource centre of the West Coast Strait Economic Zones.